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Terms of Service
Introduction and Scope

This Terms of Service («Agreement») is a main document, which regulate procedure of Service using (information, materials, resources, etc.), provided by Administration of website Tilda Publishing by internet domain tilda.cc («Site») and necessarily for execution and enforcing by all registered users.
1. Scope
This Agreement describes intention of Sole proprietor Obuhov Nikita Valentinovich (PSRNSP 309732819400022) («Administration») to conclude a Service Agreement, according to this Agreement, in relation to indefinite range of persons («User»), and regulates the relationship between the User and the Administration. Agreement inures from the moment, when User accepted Agreement conditions by registration, using special form on the Site web page https://tilda.cc/registration/. Registration on the Site recognized as absolute acceptance of the offer.

Using of Service, information, materials, resources, which submitted on the Site with Agreement conditions violation, as well violation of rights, including intellectual property rights: patent, copyright, allied rights of Administration, Administrations partners and other third persons is strictly prohibited and may entails to administrative, civil or other liability, according to current legislation of Russian Federation and international law.
2. Administration responsibility
Administration provides the User access to Site information, materials, resources, submitted on the Site, as well access to a range of Services, including hosting and administration Services, personal and multi-user communication, mobile applications, tools for multimedia content playback, etc. (collectively, «Services»), that, in aggregate, allows to create own projects (Websites) and control them.

All technical implementation elements of Services and Site Content, including layout elements, source code, templates, graphics, etc. (collectively, «Materials») are intellectual property of Administration and Administrations partners, protected by relevant laws.

This Agreement applies to all currently existing Services and Materials, as well their updated versions or/and any new Services and Materials, launched (submitted, modified) by Administration during Site development.
3. User registration
By registering on the Site, User accepts this Agreement and confirms that he has full legal competence, according to current legislation of country where he is a citizen or legal capacity (for legal entity). In addition, User engages to provide true, correct and complete information about yourself in registration form and to keep this information actual.

Administration reserves the right to deny User registering and/or Service access in case of any reason to believe, that User information is incorrect or incomplete.

User is responsible for the safety of his unique User name, assigned upon registration, and chosen by him password, used to access to the personal part of Services and Materials, as well all made under User account changes and/or additions. User engages to notify the Administration of any unauthorized use of his personal User name and password. Administration is not responsible for any losses resulting from unauthorized use and/or usurpation of personal User name and password.

Administration strongly recommends to User do not provide your account details to third persons. In case of providing account details to third persons, User engages to familiarize these persons with this Agreement and User is responsible for any action taken under his account. Administration is not responsible for any agreements between the User and third persons.
4. User private data
By registering on the Site, User submits private data to Administration, including first name, second name and e-mail address. In process of registration or Service using, The Site can obtain addition private information automatically or with User participation, including IP-address, browser's version, referer page address and other technical information that cannot be used for User personal identification without additional activities.

For using certain Services, access to the accounts of third-party Service provider may be required, including public file storage, messages Services, social network, etc. In that case, Site can obtain addition private information from the third-party Service provider, including sex, location, userpic, etc., which placed by User for public using and access.

In process of receipt of Payment for Service using, Site can obtain addition information automatically, including transaction number, debit card type and expiration date, last 4 digits of the bank account. Detailed financial information is collected, processed and stored by third-party payment services, according to the agreements with User.

Administration may use private data, submitted by User, for:
  1. Creation of User account, identification of User and providing the access topersonalized Site Resources;
  2. Feedback, including sending of notifications and request, related to Site using, Services, User notifications and request processing;
  3. User location for safety, fraud prevention;
  4. Validity and completeness confirmation of the personal information, submitted by User;
  5. Processing of receipt of Payment for Service using;
  6. Client and technical support in case of Site using problem;
  7. User providing, by User acceptance: product updates, special offers, tariff information, newsletters and other information from Administration and/or Administrations partners;
  8. Advertising, by User acceptance;
  9. Providing the User access to Administrations partners sites or services.

Processing by Administration User private data is realized without time limitation by any legal method, including information systems processing with or without automation devices.

Site Administration assumes for organizational and technical measures to User private information protection from the illegal or random access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution and other illegal third-party persons actions. In case of private data loss or disclosure, Administration will inform User about private data loss or disclosure.

Administration undertakes:
  1. Using User private data according to purposes of this Agreement;
  2. Provide storage of User private data confidential, non-disclosure without any advance letter of User notification, and does not sell, exchange, publication or disclosure of any other possible way to transmit of User private data;
  3. Guard for User private data confidentiality protection, according to generally accepted procedures;
  4. Block User private data from the moment of treatment, the user's request or his legal representative or authorized body to protect human subjects of personal data for a period of testing , in case of false personal data or misconduct.

Administration may transfer User private data to authorized agency of the relevant jurisdiction only according to legislation.

In the event of default, Administration is responsible for the losses incurred by the User in connection with the misuse of personal data, connected with illegal using User private data, according to legislation of the Russian Federation with the exception of:
  1. User private data was transferred authorized agency of the relevant jurisdiction;
  2. User private data was disclosure to third-party persons by User acceptance;
  3. User private data became public before loss or disclosure;
  4. User private data obtained from the third-party persons before the date, when Administration obtained these date;
  5. User private data was disclosure by User acceptance;
  6. User private data was disclosure in consequence of force majeure.
5. User responsibility
User can make any project improvement (modification) independently, but according this Agreement only. User engages not to: disclosures, modify, copy, transfer to other people basic resources, information, Materials, which submitted on the Site by Administration, without Administration agreement, as well as using of submitted resources for personal projects creation, which does not placed on the Tilda platform or made (developed) on the third-party resources base (platforms, web sites). User engages not to delete from the project pages, created on the submitted by Administration resources, developer identifier – block with automatic link to belonging of basic resources to Administration. Possibility of this block modifying is considered in addition Administration and User contract (agreement).

In case of non-execution of this Agreement condition, Administration has rights to bring User to account for Agreement condition violation, according to current legislation, and block (deny, limit) User access to Site and project, which made on the Site base. Any User illegal modifying of Site resources (web pages, blocks) or resources parts or/and derivatives, independently of location of User project, are Administration copyright violation that bring User to account. Modifying of source code (program part) of using resources parts or/and derivatives is prohibited for User. Any resources (information, Materials) or/and resources parts or/and derivatives submitted by Administration or/and obtained by User as result of Site using, cannot be applied (realized, transferred to third-party persons) for projects creation.

User is responsible for any information and materials (data, text, software, music, sound, photos, graphics, video, messages and other uploaded, published and stored materials) («Content»), placed by him and connected with Service using. Administration is not responsible for: Content, placed by User to Site public access, for possibility of Content loss or adjournment, and/or block of access to Content in case of emergency or imminent conditions, including technical problems, hacker attacks, cracking, access disable or restriction by reason of governing institution decision, force majeure, etc. Regular backups of the Content is the personal responsibility of the User and carried them on their own.

User engages not to use Service for:
  1. Uploading, distribution, transferring or any other method of placing Content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, defamatory, incites violence against any person or group of persons, or to inhuman treatment of animals, calls to the commitment of illegal activity, including explanation of procedure for the use of explosives and other weapons, offends morality, violates copyright and related rights, promotes hatred and/or discrimination against people on racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, social and other signs, infringe the rights of minorities, contains abusing to specific individuals or organizations;
  2. Any form violations of rights or harm-doing to minors;
  3. In order to impersonate a representative of the organization without sufficient rights, and to disseminate false information about their involvement in any other natural or legal persons, including the Administration and / or its partners;
  4. Uploading, distribution, transferring or any other method of placing Content, which inaccessible for User by Russian Federation legislation or any contractual obligations;
  5. Downloads , mailing , transmitting or any other way to place content affecting any patent , trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights and / or copyrights and related rights of a third party;
  6. Uploading, distribution, transferring or any other method of placing of uncoordinated messages («Spam»), lists of foreign e-mail addresses, «Pyramid» schemes, multilevel («Network») marketing (MLM), referral links, internet earnings and online businesses, «lucky letters» or letters for participation in such events;
  7. Uploading, distribution, transferring or any other method of placing of any Materials with malicious software (viruses and other computer codes, files and software), designed for violation, destroying or limitation function of any computer or telecommunications facilities for illegal access, access to commercial software using serial numbers, passwords, key generators and other tools for illegal access to chargeable resources, including links to information above;
  8. Voluntary violation of local provision of law, including current legislation of Russian Federation and international law;
  9. Collection, storage and processing of personal data of other persons;
  10. Site working violation, including placing of elements, which complicates real-time information exchange, opens additional browser windows, modifies interface functional elements, etc.;
  11. Placing of links to resources with content, which contraries to current legislation of Russian Federation and international law, including pornography and child erotica popularization, as well as intimate services advertising;
  12. Assistance to any actions, which infringes limitations and bans by this Agreement, as well as current legislation violation.

Administration has a right, but not obliged, to review any kind of Content for establishing of accordance to this Agreement. In case of Content finding, which violates this Agreement, Administration has a right to delete this Content and take actions to User who owns the Content, including blocking of access to Service or/and transferring of User data to law enforcement official of the relevant jurisdiction.
6. General Terms of Use
Questions like internet access providing, workability of computer or network facilities, buying and adjustment of software, etc., resolved by User independently.

  1. has a right to take the control of User Site sub domains without prior notification;
  2. can set any restrictions to Service using, including Content storage period, maximum file size, which can be placed or received, disk space volume, maximum Service treatments quantity per time period;
  3. can resist to automatic Service access, uncoordinated messages («Spam») distribution, receiving and distribution of any information, which generated automatically, etc.;
  4. can send information messages to User;
  5. has a right to delete User profile, unused during 6 months;
  6. has a right to limit and/or stop personal User name and password and delete any content by reasonable excuse, including violation conditions of this Agreement;
  7. can stop Service providing completely or partly without prior notification at any moment;
  8. don't guarantee the safety of the Content uploaded by users, and that it will be available for viewing and editing at any time.
7. Chargeable Services
Services are free, if Service description contains reference to free accordance. Free technical User Site using support are not Administration duties. Other Services and support, provided by Administration and Administration partners, are chargeable according to User Service tariff (Section «Tariff plan», https://tilda.cc/ru/pricing/), that specified for every Site Service («Payment»). Service Payment made at contract date, according to User tariff. After tariff payment to specified date, User don`t having a right to change Service paid period and/or choose another expiration date tariff. In case of User decision to stop Service using before paid tariff ending or stopping and/or changing of Services providing conditions by Administration, payment will not be refunded.

At the end of tariff expiration date, tariff will be prolonged automatically if User won't cancelling of tariff. User can request a termination of contract via Site Administration interface or e-mail sending to Site support address hello@tilda.cc. Termination of contract request should be sent within 3 days before expiration date of paid Service. Administration review the User request of termination of contract during 10 (ten) days from the request receiving moment. In the case of passing User registration process for trial Service using («Trial period»), and he takes decision to continue using Service after Trial period, he is committed to purchase the Services in accordance with the selected rate for preserve their Content, which was posted or uploaded by him during the trial period. In case of Service payment absence at the expiration of Trial period, Content is becoming unavailable to User.

By purchasing services provided by the Administration on a reimbursable basis , the user automatically gives the Administration and its partners consent to the storage of information on its payment card and agrees that the Administration is authorized to charge the payment card users for the relevant services on the terms of the chosen tariff , as well as other necessary charges directly related to the use of the Services , as well as for repayment of arrears for the use of services

In the case of the expiry of the payment card provided by the user , as well as the lack of information about the new payment card and / or failure of the user to provide this information , as well as in the case of the remote user of your account , the Administration shall be entitled to continue to bill to pay existing debt , and the User , in turn, is obliged to repay existing indebtedness against him.
8. Property rights of Administration
Services and Materials, submitted on the Site, contains information, protected by intellectual property laws and other Russian and international law. User engages not to modify, not sell, distribute Service and Materials in whole or in part, except specified by Administration and/or Administration partners.

Administration provides to User personal unexceptional and non-transferable right to use Service (information, Materials, obtained and/or modified on the Site) on the one computer on condition that User and other persons from the User side will not copy or/and modify software, create derivatives from software, penetrate into soft ware for program code receiving purpose, carry out selling, cession, renting, transferring by any right form to the third-party persons in relation to Service software, provided to User according this Agreement, as well as Service modifying, including illegal access purpose.
9. Final conditions
User understands and agrees, what:
  1. Services provided «As is» by Administration and used by Users own risk;
  2. Administration don`t guarantee that Service will meet User expectations and requirements, will provide continuously, fast, reliably and error-free; Service results will be exact, reliable and will meet User expectations and requirements, all program code errors will be fixed. Administration makes maximum efforts to fix existent and incipient problems during Site using (errors, troubles);
  3. User is responsible for any damage to his computer and data as a result of this Materials uploading;
  4. Administration is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages as a result of Service using or impossibility of using, illegal access to User account, request or behavior of any third-party person in case of Service using;
  5. Administration responsibility is limited to 10 000 (ten thousand) rubles in any occasions, and can be applied in case of Administration guilt proof.

Agreement is binding contract between User and Administration and regulates Site Service using. The relevant contracts can obliges User additional in case of using other services, as well as content or software, third-party persons owned.

User and Administration agree that any Agreement related disputes will be solved according to current legislation of Russian Federation and international law.

If some of the terms of the Agreement will be invalidated by a court decision , it does not mean that the other terms of the agreement will be canceled

Administration inactivity in case of User Agreement violation don`t divests Administration rights to make a corresponding action for Administration interests protection in the future, as well as it not means Administration rights denial in case of similar violations in the future.

Agreement conditions can be modified by Administration without prior notification to User. Actual Agreement version always contained by web address https://tilda.cc/terms.
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