Online Course Builder

Create a course for a wide audience or publish lectures for employees using the course builder.

Share knowledge and expertise with your audience—create your own course on Tilda

Various Types Of Learning Content

Use different content formats for lectures available in the online course builder
Make video recordings of your classes, and students can watch them whenever they want. Videos can be added using YouTube, Vimeo, and other services.
Video Lectures
Present your content effectively. Design course texts and images in Tilda’s visual editor. You decide whether it’s a neat, minimalist article or a beautiful, animated longread.
Host live streams and online homework reviews to get closer to your audience and answer questions in real time. Include a link to the YouTube live stream or any other service in your lecture.
Create a quiz so that students can test their theoretical knowledge on their own and then move on to practice.


Invite students to complete homework assignments to practice their skills. Course tutors are able to grade papers, assign credits, and communicate with students.
Students see the tutor’s comments on the assignment and can respond
A table for checking the homework status in the tutor’s personal account
Set a grade scale and a bar for credit
The grade will appear in the student’s personal account

Decide When Each Lecture Becomes Available

Organize the learning process as you like: Open access to lectures sequentially as students progress through the course, or at set times, or make the classes available at all times.

Easy-To-Use Interface For Students

Navigating through sections and content in the sidebar
Lecture progress records
Editing student profile data and switching between courses
Jumping to the next lecture
See an Online Course Sample Featuring Free Registration Form, Lessons, Quizzes, And More

Course & Student Dashboard

All student groups and content management tools in one place
Manage the course structure: Swap sections and lectures
Work on content in draft mode and publish when ready
Upload your existing student base with one click
Add students manually or set up automated enrollment after payment.
Sections help structure the course so that the content is easy to navigate.
Add videos, texts, homework, tests, and other content formats.
Easy access to editing learning materials.
Add a course title and description, configure access to learning materials, and assign a tutor.
Group students and share different courses with different groups.
Create courses with a different set of sections and lectures. You can create multiple courses in one account.
Login and password will be emailed to the specified address
In your personal account, add the student’s email and they will receive a username and password to log in.
Add a course signup form to your landing page. Good for free courses.
Automatically after payment on the website
Open Enrollment
Student Registration
You can open access to the course in several ways:

Learn more about Members Area on Tilda
You can grant access to learning materials for a limited period of time
Set up automatic exclusion from the course group on a certain date or after a certain number of days.
Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, once you've signed up for Tilda, you can activate a free 14-day trial period to test all the platform's features. No bank card required. Sign up
The Courses feature comes with Tilda Personal and Tilda Business paid plans. No need to pay any extra fees.
Content Looks Great On Any Device
All course content automatically adapts to laptop, tablet, and smartphone screens so that students can follow your course from their preferred device.

Branded Courses

Connect custom domain, use your logo, design your course as you like to promote your brand.

Create a course people
are willing to take

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