Create a Members Area for Your Website

Restrict access to your website's exclusive content
1. Invite or add members
2. Set up groups with access to specific pages
3. Allow user access to groups of pages on a website
Imagine, you've created a web design school and are selling online courses. After a client has purchased the course, add them to a member's area via a registration form.
If there are several courses on your website, you can create user groups and assign them different sets of available pages. Members of each group will get appropriate access after logging in.
Add new members to the group manually, or allow them to self-register without confirmation.
Create groups with access to different pages on the website.
Add members manually.
An overview of groups available to each member.
Edit members' profile and manage their permissions.
The Membership tab is located in Site Settings.
Membership dashboard
The Members area will be located on your personal domain.
Group permissions
Allow access to specific pages only to certain user groups
Adding and removing members from a group under the "Members" tab
Adding and deleting pages available to a group under the "Pages" tab
Creating new access group
Adding and excluding members
"Members" tab in the group
Selecting accessible pages
"Pages" tab in the group
One member can belong to several groups
User registration
Several ways of providing access to a new member
Allow users to create their own accounts on a registration page or via any form on your website.
Set up automatic confirmation
Manage member's access to groups in a user card.
Invite users to a group by email.
Verify self-registration by requesting admin confirmation.
Adding users to a members area by the administrator
Manually add users to a members area.
Convenient user interface
Quickly switch between available content sections.
Enjoy easy access to the content via a pop-up Membership menu.
Create a unique page with accessible content.
Use cases
Online course materials
Manage access to study resources such as articles, webinars, or online tests.
Client membership
Facilitate client communication inside the account; no need for countless emails.
Partner membership
Publish restricted content for partners and project participants.
Event participant membership
Access to the conference, workshop, or training materials for confirmed attendees.
Restricted access to any exclusive pages on your website
Getting started
Add or invite users to a members area
Create groups and add members to these groups
Select web pages available to each group
Another way of limiting access
You can also just password protect specific pages or the entire website without adding a members area.
Expand your business with a members area
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