All the features of Tilda

Our users make for business:
— Company websites
— Landing pages for products or services
— Online stores
— Event marketing and promotion websites
— Personal websites and online portfolios
— Corporate blogs
— Presentations
— Special editorial projects and longreads
Appearance and aesthetics
Innovative modular editing mechanism
Build your website out of professionally designed ready-made modules. It's quick and easy.
Library with over 400 blocks, regularly updated
Our designers are constantly creating new, contemporary features, according to the latest trends in web design.
Flexible settings for an original design
Each block can be modified via flexible settings. Templates can be adapted according to your vision.
Webpage templates
Landing pages, all kinds of websites, event pages, articles and blogs that can be used as a base and later changed according to your own style.
Focus on typography
We pay close attention to harmonious proportions. Welcome to comfortable line width, perfect line spacing, optimal font size and header combinations.
Eye-catching interactive websites without any code. There are basic settings in ready-to-use blocks and advanced options for professional animation in Zero Block.
Visual content delivery
Full-screen photographs
Allow the viewer to see every last detail of a photograph.
A selection of photo galleries
Use ready-made photo combinations to build your website even faster.
Image+text combos
We've created many image+text combinations to make your story even more interesting.
Built-in enhanced photo editor
Add captions, special effects, toning, adjust saturation, brightness, and change size and dimensions.
Add images using 'drag-and-drop'
Simply drag your image from a folder or browser.
Free icon collections
Download our bespoke icons for free and upload them to your website. Don't forget to link back to the source.
Built-in free image library
Find the images you need without leaving Tilda, add them to your website with just one click and use them for free thanks to the Creative Commons license.
Multimedia: Video and audio content
Ambient background video (YouTube, MP4, WEBM)
Create a mood and a style by adding a background video.
Embed a YouTube or Vimeo video
Simply add the video's ID or link.
Insert Coub videos
Add an original and fun video to your page.
Video combinations: two or three players in a row, video+text
Add a video to your narrative.
SoundCloud is integrated with Tilda
Use music to create a mood.
Embed any video or audio player using html
Got a special player? Embed the required html code.
A library of pre-designed blocks
The first thing people see is your website cover. Choose the perfect one for you from dozens of options.
Text blocks
Use ready-made options for regular texts and texts in columns. Make quotes, direct speech or key phrases stand out.
Adjustable width, full-screen images, galleries, image+text combinations.
All the popular menu types for easy navigation: the 'hamburger', transparent with a colour background, fixed when scrolling and others.
Forms and buttons
Collect email distribution lists or client data with ease. Add call to action and social media buttons.
Tile and link
A special category of blocks that helps you connect to other pages or external resources.
A ready-made combination of images and text to showcase your products or services.
Use our ready-made infographic shapes to describe in fine detail your product or service.
To find your audience, make your pricing clear.
A company is its people. Add a special block to describe those who create your product.
Add customer reviews to increase trust.
Add YouTube or Vimeo videos. Use different combos: one or two players, a combination of video and text.
Lighten up page structure with numbering, dividers, and a smooth background colour change.
Anchor links
Make the navigation easy by adding links that lead to specific places on a page.
Google Maps and Yandex Maps
Add the map block, write your address in page settings so your clients can always find you.
Interactive prompts
Looking for a tip or additional information? Add popup prompts to your page.
Service integration
Seamlessly connect third party services such as SlideShare, Disqus, SoundCloud, TimePad, Yclients and others.
Embedding HTML
Add unique elements to your webpage by embedding your HTML code (including JS and CSS).
Zero Block: Professional editor for web designers
Professional editor
Turn any idea into reality by designing a bespoke block using our web editor.
Adaptability to suit any device
Zero Block allows you to adapt your design to any screen size.
Add animation
Animate site elements to attract attention.
Online store
Cart widget
Give your clients the opportunity to purchase several items at once, select product options or change the number of items.
Order form settings
Add the fields you need to take care of your orders such as customer address, time of delivery, quantity of items, contact details.
Ready-made templates for online stores
Save time by using pre-designed online store templates.
Product cards
Showcase your products by using functional blocks designed specifically for an online store.
Promotional codes and campaigns
Increase customer loyalty — create promotional codes and run campaigns.
Online payment systems and cash payments
Receive online payments by connecting popular payment systems or offer a cash on delivery option.
Data transfer for web cashier
Configure the settings that are appropriate for your tax system.
Sending notifications about the order
When you sell products or services with a shopping cart you can send order information to the client automatically.
Custom font collection
Futura, Formular, Geometria, Circe, Kazimir and other fonts from Rentafont, a Tilda partner. Free to Tilda users.
Adding bespoke fonts
Install any font from your own collection.
Free Google Fonts
Take advantage of free fonts from Google.
Downloading fonts from Typekit
Add Typekit fonts to your website by inserting the kit number.
Linking several pages into a single website
Tilda lets you not only create single webpages but link them into a full-scale website.
Adding elements shown on all pages
Add elements to your website that will be shown automatically on all pages. They include the header (logo, menu) and the footer (contacts, navigation, additional information).
Indexing blogs and portfolios
Index the page that you choose and add 'Similar materials' after each article or project — and your site is ready.
All the popular menus
A hamburger menu; transparent menu with a cover; a sticky menu; smooth scrolling functionality to the correct link on the same page, and others.
Data collection forms and CRM
Form builder
Create your own data form. Collect email addresses, phone numbers, add 'Choose a date' calendar, a form for downloading files and show a number of options.
Setting up email mailing list
Set up a form on Tilda and create mailing lists on MailChimp, UniSender, SendGrid or GetResponse.
Receiving user data straight to your email address
Write your email address in settings and if a user leaves any information, it will come straight to your inbox.
Instant notifications sent to Telegram or Slack
Link up these services and receive notifications in your messenger as soon as the order data is sent.
Sending and saving data in Google Drive
Provide a Gmail address when adding this service, and your data will appear in a handy Google Drive table.
Increase sales by using Trello, Pipedrive, or AmoCRM
These CRM systems are integrated with Tilda. Simply link up your account.
Track conversion rates
Analyse the effectiveness of your offer by receiving data on form completion rates.
Personal data processing policy builder
Create your custom personal data processing policy using a builder, then add its URL to a data form.
Saving data in your account
Sent data will be stored in the Leads section of the website.
Feedback: call back services and online chat
Own feedback widgets
Add a special block from the library so site visitors can send you a message, leave their phone number or email address.
Jivosite, Callbackhunter, and YClients integrated with Tilda
Use integrated call back and online chat services to increase the number of interactions.
Add any service via HTML-embed
Install your favourite service by embedding an HTML code.
Integrating payment systems
Accepting payments with Stripe
Connect this international service if your company is registered in the United States or Europe.
Accepting payments with PayPal
Use one of the world's most popular payment systems.
Accepting payments with Cloudpayments
Accept Visa and MasterCard card payments.
Accepting payments with Yandex.Money and Yandex.Checkout
Receive bank card and mobile phone payments.
Accepting payments with LiqPay
Accept payments using Ukrainian payment system LiqPay.
Accepting payments with Robokassa
Use 40 payment options (cards, e-money, mobile payments, Apple Pay and payment terminals).
Mobile version
Websites created on Tilda are automatically adapted for all mobile devices
Save a lot of time as you won't need to adapt your website or create a special mobile version of it.
Optimisation is tested on all popular devices.
We have thought about how your website will look on iPhone, iPad, Android-based devices and Windows Phone.
Tweaking mobile version of your website
If necessary, a separate block can be tweaked and adapted for different types of devices.
Site management
Moving websites to a different account and transferring pages within the same account
Create websites for clients who can easily manage them on their own.
Make duplicate pages
Duplicate a page to change separate elements for A/B testing, for example.
Design your own template
Design your own page, save it as as a template, use it as necessary and share the template with others.*
Available only to Business account subscribers.
Domain and publication
Connect a custom domain in two steps
Add your custom domain address to settings and list your IP address with a registrar — and the domain is on!
Hosting is not needed
There's no need to pay someone else for keeping your files. Your site is stored in the cloud
"Simple", custom URLs
Simple URLs that can be indexed and read easily.
Using a subdomain on is free
Create a beautiful name for your website and use a Tilda subdomain absolutely free.
Short download time — images are kept on a content delivery network (CDN)
Images are stored on a content distribution network, which reduces download times thanks to a network of proxy servers deployed in multiple locations.
Connecting HTTPS
Install a free LetsEncrypt certificate in the site settings or download your SSL certificate.
Protection from DDoS Attack
We use special equipment to protect your site from intruders.
301 redirect
A redirect improves SEO when you change your URL.
Image optimisation
All sites created on Tilda are Lazy Load-enabled by default. This allows content to download very quickly even on mobile devices.
Basic animation in ready-to-use blocks

Choose effects for a text, pictures, form or button
Advanced options of animation in Zero Block
Appear effects of any element, scroll parallax and mouse moving reaction, fixing while scrolling.
Step-by-step animation

Sequential steps of element changing: position, speed settings, size changing, transparency, rotation and loop.
On-site statistics service
Track visitor numbers and popular pages with the help of our ready-to-use internal statistics service. Track UTM tags, too.
Google Аnalytics and Google Tag Manager
Fully integrated with Tilda. No need to touch the code, simply add your account to page settings when setting up Analytics tracking.
Specify your account when connecting the tracker and use all the features of Yandex.Metrics, including a web browser and click map.
A/B testing
Compare the effectiveness of pages. Testing happens through Google Experiments.
UTM tag builder
Create ad links for contextual advertising, social networks and other resources.
Sending leads to analytics
Track visitor activity on your website: know how many people opened a pop-up, clicked on a button or filled out a form.
Search optimisation
The site is automatically well indexed by search engines
Search engines like the site structures created on Tilda (in particular, sequential blocks arrangements).
Tilda Websmater panel
Get your website on Google or Yandex, identify errors that affect indexing, test your site against basic recommendations from search engines.
Managing Title and Description tags
Give each page a title and a description specifically for search engine robots.
Automatic generation of robots.txt
This file contains special instructions for search engine robots.
Automatic generation of sitemap.xml
This file contains page URLs, their priority and frequency of changes – specifically for search engines.
Flexible configuration of H1, H2 and H3 tags for key blocks
Optimise headings for search engine robots by marking pages with tags.
ALT tags for images
Optimise downloaded images for search engine robots.
Simple URLs
URLs contain easy to understand, easy to read works (no abbreviation or identificators). This really improves indexing.
Supporting Facebook Open Graph
Control how links to your website appear to visitors who share them across social networks.
Confirm site ownership to Google Search Console and Yandex. Webmaster
Easily confirm your rights to your website for any interactions with a webmaster.
Search engines are automatically redirected from mirror to original websites
Using С the with the rel="canonical" link element, we will redirect visitors and search engines to the correct URL.
Upload a favicon
Upload a bespoke favicon that appears in the browser tab in order to increase brand recognition.
Custom 404 error page
Design a custom 404 error page when you visitor clicks on a broken link.
Block entire site or individual pages from indexing
If necessary, prevent your whole website, or a part of it, from being indexed.
Content personalization
Multiple landing pages
Changing words or blocks based on URL.
Geo-targeted landing pages
Changing words or blocks and redirection to another page based on visitors' location.
Automatic selection of a language
Redirecting site visitors based on their language.
Social functions and promotion
across social
Social media and share buttons
Add social media buttons to help people share your website with their friends.
Buttons with links to social media accounts
Increase your fanbase by linking your website to your social media accounts.
Generating the right tags for Facebook Open Graph
Your pages that users will share across social networks will look good.
Special metadata settings for social networks
Create unique headlines and descriptions for social network posts.
Available only on Business Plan
Exporting static HTML by downloading archived files
When you export your archive, you are issued with a static HTML code and all necessary files, such as images, CSS and JS.
Fine-tuning images, JS, CSS file URLs
Export the code and change URL addresses if it is needed.
Your export code is ready to go
Simply unpack and copy the code to your server, this is all you need to do.
API. Integrating Tilda into your website
Available only on Business Plan
Use API for website integration
Create stunning webpages on Tilda and integrate them with your website.
Use a plug-in to integrate your website with WordPress
Create beautiful webpages on Tilda and integrate them with your website on WordPress.
Support and documentation
An extensive knowledge base containing information about Tilda and the internet
Tilda Help Center contains detailed, illustrated answers to most queries about the platform and the internet in general.
Instruction videos on creating websites, articles, blogs and longreads
Detailed video guides to creating basic web projects.
Support for all types of user accounts
We answer questions by email and via a feedback form seven days a week. We usually reply within an hour.
Bespoke HTML code, Java Script and CSS
Adding a bespoke HTML code (including Java Script and CSS)
To add any specific function, add the block "Insert HTML". Embed any type of code, including <script>, <style> tags.
Add a CSS file to make a style change to any block
Create your own style by adding a CSS file.
Limiting access
Control website access by setting up a password
Set up a login and password and limit access to your website.
Restrict site access with an IP address
Restrict access to your website to specific IP addresses, and it will be visible only to you, your colleagues or your clients.
Password for a separate page
Set up a password for individual pages.
Email campaign builder
Pre-designed email templates
Create stunning email campaigns using our handy editor and ready-made blocks.
Integrated with MailChimp, SendGrid or UniSender
Integrate your account with MailChimp, SendGrid or UniSender to send emails to your contacts.
Exporting HTML code
Export the HTML code for your email campaign to any email marketing service.
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