Tilda Features

What our users build for their businesses:

— Company websites
— Landing pages for products or services
— Online stores
— Portfolios and personal websites
— Corporate blogs
— Online courses
— Event websites
— Presentations
— Special projects and longform articles

Appearance & Aesthetics

Innovative block editing
Build your website out of professionally designed ready-made blocks. It's quick and easy.
550+ blocks in ever-growing Block Library
Our designers are constantly creating new, contemporary blocks, according to the latest web design trends.
Flexible settings for an original design
Each block or template can be modified beyond recognition thanks to our flexible settings.
210+ ready-made templates
Templates for all kinds of websites, such as landing pages, event websites, multimedia articles, blogs, links in bio, and more. Pick one and customize it, according to your style and vision.
Focus on typography
We pay close attention to harmonious proportions: Perfect line widths and spacing, optimal font sizes, and headline combinations will please your eye.
Create eye-catching interactive websites without code. Use basic settings in ready-to-use blocks and advanced options for professional animation in Zero Block.

Visual Content Delivery

Full-screen photos
Let your visitors see every detail of a photo.
A variety of photo gallery styles
Choose from pre-designed photo layouts to build your website faster.
Image + text layouts
Find a wide range of image and text combinations to make your project stand out.
Built-in enhanced photo editor
Add titles, effects, toning, adjust saturation and brightness, and change the size and dimensions of your images.
Add images using drag-and-drop
Simply drag your image from a folder or browser and it will appear on the page.
Download free SVG icons from Tilda Icons, carefully created by our designers, and upload them to your website with a link to the source.
Image services at hand
List of the best image banks to help you select high-quality photos, illustrations, and vector images for your project. Choose the service that suits your needs without leaving the editor.
Icon and emoji selection widget in the editor
You can browse for icons or emojis in the panel by category, using the search bar, or by scrolling through the library. For icons, you can adjust the color, size, line thickness, background color, and border radius.
Block background editor
You can change the background color for the entire block in the editor without going to the Content tab. Choose whether you want to edit the background image, color, or video.

Multimedia: Video & Audio Content

Ambient background video (YouTube, MP4, WEBM)
Create mood and style by adding a background video
Embed a YouTube or Vimeo video
Simply add the video's ID or URL.
Amazing video galleries
Every Tilda gallery supports video. Create extraordinary video content layouts.
Pre-designed video + text layouts
Add some motion to your project.
Video widget
Add interactive video content to any page on your website with the VD16 "Video widget" block.
Want to add a third-party player to your page? No problem, just embed it with HTML code.
Live streams
Host online classes and webinars for students directly in their personal accounts on Tilda with Kinescope and Boomstream services.
SoundCloud integration
Add music to set the mood of the page or share your podcasts.

Pre-Designed Block Library

The first thing people see is your website cover. Choose the perfect one from dozens of options.
Text blocks
Use ready-made layouts for body text and text columns. Highlight quotes and key phrases.
Adjustable width, full-screen images, galleries, image + text combinations.
All popular menu types for easy navigation, such as "hamburgers," and make them transparent on the cover, fix them on scroll, etc.
Easily build mailing lists and collect customer information. Conduct polls and surveys. Create exciting tests and quizzes with branching.
Add call-to-action buttons and customize their appearance: Change the button's text and background color, set a gradient or solid fill, add a stroke and shadow, and round the corners.
Tile and Link
A category of blocks that help you link to other pages or external resources.
Add products to the web page using dedicated blocks. Link shopping cart and Product Catalog, set up images, filters, and sections, and add discounts.
News and Feeds
Choose how to display your newsfeed on a page: Make it a grid, row, slider, or image. Customize the number of news in a row, display publication date or tags, number of posts visible on a page, and filter by date.
Ready-made combinations of images and text to showcase your products or services.
Showcase your company's services using cards, lists with images, and columns with icons.
Add a schedule for a festival or conference, specify the order of speakers, add profile pics, and more.
How it works
Use our ready-made infographics to detail each step of your workflow or explain how your product or service works.
Make your pricing clear to find your perfect audience.
If you have well-known companies among your partners or clients, you can mention them. Add titles and logos.
A company is nothing but its people. Add a dedicated block to describe those who create your product.
Add customer reviews to build trust.
Add YouTube or Vimeo videos. Use different layouts, such as one or two players, video + text combos, etc.
To help your visitors stay in touch with you, add your contact information to your website. You can add address, email, phone number, social media, and attach a map.
Add a table of contents for an article, a list of posts for your blog, or a list of works for your portfolio with icons, titles, and descriptions.
Social Media
Add share buttons to social media, share links to your accounts using social media icons, integrate comments from Facebook, or add an Instagram feed.
Make your content easier to read with numbering, dividers, and smooth background color changes.
Anchor links
Make navigation easy by adding links to specific places on a page. Useful for making a table of contents for a one-page article, for instance.
Display gallery, product, forms, HTML code, and widgets as pop-ups. Customize display conditions and show pop-ups on scroll, after a certain time, upon clicking a link, or when closing the page.
Add a video about your product or service, callback and messaging widgets, a static subscription form, a search widget, an online registration widget, or a ticket purchase widget.
Select one of many pre-designed footers to be displayed on every page of your website. Include your logo and text, links, social media icons, subscription form, and other useful information. Make it easy to navigate.
Google Maps
Add an interactive map and specify one or more addresses in the page settings to make sure your customers can always find you.
Interactive prompts
Looking for a tip or additional information? Add pop-ups and tooltips to your page.
Service integration
Seamlessly connect third party services such as Disqus, JivoChat, CallbackHunter, TimePad, Yclients, and more.
Embed HTML code
Add unique elements to your web page by embedding your HTML code (including JS and CSS).

AI Text Generation

AI generation in text fields
In pre-designed blocks and Zero Block, an Assistant available in the Editor will make writing your website copy easier for any text field.
AI text generation for the entire block
You can select a block and make the copy generated specifically for it. AI takes into account the structure of each block: It can generate a catchy offer for the cover, describe services, or list product features.
AI text generation for the entire page
Start with a ready-made template or create a page from scratch and the AI Assistant will generate texts for all blocks. The more detailed you make your prompt, the more relevant text will be generated.

Zero Block: Professional Editor For Web Designers

AI generation in text fields
Turn any idea into reality by creating unique blocks with the built-in web design editor.
Flexible responsive design
In Zero Block, you can adapt your layout to any screen size the way you want.
Animate your website to highlight key elements and draw your visitors' attention.
Data capture forms
Add online forms to any spot in your Zero Block. Customize the layout and input fields as you want.
Guides and layers
Hide or lock layers, create the illusion of depth and obtain pixel-perfect alignment using guides.
10 types of elements
Add and customize text, shapes, images, buttons, videos, tooltips, HTML, galleries, forms, and vectors.
My Blocks
Create a branded design system for projects in your account. Customize any pre-designed block or Zero Block and add it to your personal library.
Zero Block In Pop-Up
Create personalized pop-up layouts by turning Zero Block into a pop-up with the modifier Т1093 "Pop-up: Zero Block in pop-up" from the "Other" category.
Breakpoints for custom screen resolutions
Design a perfect layout for virtually any device using breakpoints. You can configure screen resolutions for different devices. The breakpoint range is 320px to 1920px.
Artboard scale from 20% up to 300%
This range makes it easier to work with small details or complex animations with lots of elements when you need to zoom out the board as much as possible to see the full picture.
Object groups
Turn grouped items into a separate element and set its settings. This is useful if you want to set animation for a group of elements, add a link to a card made up of multiple elements, rotate grouped elements, and much more.
Auto Layout
A tool that allows you to create responsive layouts and effectively arrange elements within a group. Create complex design elements like navigation menus, lists, buttons, cards, etc. No matter the changes you make to the content, the layout adapts automatically.
With the vector editor, you can design any kind of shapes and basic illustrations for the website, as well as refine imported SVG files.
Zero Block fixed on scroll
You can fix Zero Block when scrolling the page. This comes in handy when, for example, creating fixed creative menus with unique designs.

Online Store (eCommerce)

Shopping cart
Allow your clients to purchase several items at once, select product options, or change the number of items.
Order form settings
Set up the order form to capture all the information you need to process the order, such as customer address, shipping instructions, number of products, and contact details.
Ready-made templates for online stores
Save time by using pre-designed online store templates created by professional designers.
Product cards
Showcase your products by using functional blocks designed specifically for eCommerce.
Promo codes and discounts
Increase customer loyalty—create promo codes and launch seasonal discounts.
Online payment systems and cash payments
Receive online payments by connecting international payment systems, or offer the cash-on-delivery option.
Online fiscal data transfer
Configure the appropriate settings for your tax system.
Order confirmation emails
After paying or placing an order, each client automatically receives a confirmation email informing them that the order has been placed.
Product Catalog
Online store control panel that allows you to organize and edit large numbers of products on your website.
Product card sorting and filtering
Automatic sorting of numeric values of product properties with units of measure in the product card and catalog filter. Works for clothing sizes, numbers, watts, bytes, length, and weight units (metric system).
CSV file generation for Commerce Manager
The generated feed allows you to transfer your product listings to Facebook's Ad Cabinet to use the social media site for additional promotion of your online store.
Automatic removal of unpaid products from reservations
Specify the time after which the product reservation in the Product Catalog will be canceled if the customer has not completed the payment within 15 minutes, half an hour, one hour, 3 hours, 12 hours, one day, or 7 days.
Price per unit
Sell your products in kilograms, liters, meters, and other units of measure. The total cost will be displayed according to the selected amount.
Forbid placing orders with zero price
If you offer free products (catalogs, samples) in your Catalog and you don't want customers to add them to their order without adding paid products, enable this option.
Dynamic discounts
Create flexible linear or differential discounts for your products in the catalog that adjust based on product quantity or total cost.
Online store statistics
Analyze your eCommerce performance and make data-driven business decisions.

Blog & News Feed

News feeds
Tilda Feeds is a tool for publishing daily news or blog posts. It saves your time and increases the blogging efficiency.
Easy-to-use dashboard
Create and edit posts in a convenient editor. No need to republish pages–all changes appear instantly on the website.
Multiple news feeds on one website
For example, a school website can feature both a news feed and an events calendar at the same time.
SEO and social media settings for blog posts
A unique web page perfectly indexed by search engines is created for each post. Set a header optimized for SEO, a description, and a social media badge for each article.
Categories (tags)
Create categories according to the topics covered in your news feed for convenient navigation across your blog. Each post can belong to several categories and have several tags.
Block-based text editor
Simplify and speed up creating layouts for your articles and blog posts. The editor features various content types, such as text block, heading, image, video, quote, introduction, divider, callout, and highlighted HTML code .
Scheduling posts
Prepare posts in advance and set the publication date and time–the post will be published automatically. You can also configure your feed in a way that old posts will be hidden from the news feed.
Turbo pages and AMP
Blog posts are available for instant view on mobile devices when opened in Google as lightweight AMP or turbo pages.
A dedicated category in the Block Library
Select pre-designed blocks specifically created for displaying news feeds or blog posts in the "News and feeds" category. Find linear and grid designs with a customizable number of columns.
Blog post commens
Using html code, you can add comments that will appear below the post text.
Setting the time zone
You can change the default time zone to any time zone that suits you and your customers.
Sitemap generation
Published fees are indexed by search engines, and a separate sitemap file is created for each feed.


You can use a Tilda's signature typeface on your website or download it for free and use it in any project, including commercial.
Bespoke font collection
Selected fonts Graphik and Kazimir provided by Tilda's partner type.today are free for all Tilda users.
Connecting your own font files
Upload any font as a file to personalize your project.
Integrated Google Fonts
No need to open Google fonts library, look for the fint, select the weight, and copy the link - you can add Google fonts directly inside Tilda.
Using Adobe Fonts
Easily add fonts from the Adobe Fonts library to your website by inserting the Project ID and the font name.

Website Navigation

Combining several pages into a multi-page website
On Tilda, you not only can create single web pages but turn them into a full-scale website.
Headers and footers visible on all pages
Add elements to your website that will automatically display on all pages. They include the header (logo, menu) and the footer (contacts, navigation, additional information).
Index blocks for blogs and portfolios
Assign a Home Page and use index blocks to add "Similar articles" after each section or project—and your website is ready.
All types of menus
All the top menu types, including hamburgers, transparent menus on the cover, fixed on scroll, and many more.
Internal website search
Enable the internal search option so that your visitors can search keywords across the inner pages. You can also exclude selected pages of your website from search.

Data Collection Forms & CRM

Online form builder
Create a personalized data collection form. Collect email addresses and phone numbers, add interactive calendars, a form for file upload, or a drop-down menu.
Tilda CRM
A powerful yet simple built-in tool to manage your leads.
Building mailing lists
Set up an online form on Tilda and connect mailing lists on MailChimp, and other email marketing services.
Receiving user data to your email address
Set your email address and get every submission directly to your inbox.
Instant notifications to Slack or Telegram
Link up these services and receive instant notifications once a new order is placed.
Provide a Gmail address when adding this service, and submitted data will appear in a automatically formatted Google spreadsheet.
Increase sales by using HubSpot, Salesforce, or Monday
A variety of CRM systems are integrated with Tilda. Simply link them to your account and start collecting leads.
Tracking conversion rates
Analyze if your offer hits the spot by getting statistics on form completion.
Saving data in your account
You won't lose any submissions as they will be stored in the "Leads" section of your Tilda account by default. You can disable this feature at any time to comply with privacy laws if necessary.
Price calculator
Using a vertical form, you can add an interactive calculator allowing users to get a price estimate based on the selected product options.
Multi-step forms
Divide a vertical form into several screens. Each screen represents a step within the form.
File attachment
Add a file upload input field to the form. Files attached to the forms will be saved in your Dropbox, or Google Drive.
Quizzes and questionnaires
Create an interactive test or make online quiz cards.
Polls and online voting
Conduct a survey, or hold a vote on your website to gather additional statistics, or get your customer feedback.
Add a form to your website and invite users to rate the#nbspquality of your course, manager, or service using a numeric or icon-based scale field.
Branching logic for online forms
Display or hide input fields depending on visitors' responses. This is handy when creating quizzes and surveys, as you can get to know your customer's needs in detail and make a customized offer based on their answers.
20+ data collection services
Simply connect integrated services such as Trello, Slack, Notion, Mailchimp, Telegram, Salesforce, Monday, ZohoCRM, and many others.
Add YouTube or Vimeo videos. Use different layouts, such as one or two players, video + text combos, etc.
Get submissions to your own script (Webhook)
To receive data from forms to your script or a script of a service that is not integrated, you can use Webhook. Data is sent using the POST method.

Feedback: Callback Services & Online Chats

Built-in feedback widgets
Add a dedicated block that allows your website visitors to send you a message, leave their phone number, or email address.
Integrated services: Chatra, Disqus, Typeform
Use integrated callback and online chat services to increase engagement and leads.
Add any other service using the "Embed HTML code" block
Install your favorite service by embedding an HTML code.

Accepting Payments

Accepting payments with Stripe
Connect this international service if your company is registered in the United States or Europe.
Accepting payments with PayPal
Use one of the world's most popular payment systems that supports all major credit and debit card payments.
Accepting payments with Verifone (former 2Checkout)
Receive online payments from 200+ countries.
Accepting payments with WayForPay
Accept payments using the Ukrainian payment system WayForPay.
Processing payments with 50+ services
Accept payments using dozens of payment services added to the platform with the custom payment gateway, such as Fondy, UCS, IPS, Payform, Paykeeper, etc.
Custom payment gateway
Add a payment system that is not included in the list of ready-to-use integrations.

Mobile Version

All Tilda websites are born adaptive
Tilda saves you lots of time as you won't need to create a mobile version manually–your website is responsive by default.
Responsiveness is tested on all popular devices
We carefully test how Tilda-made websites look on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.
Flexible mobile view settings
You can set up a visibility range for certain blocks and display them only on mobile devices or only on desktops.
Setting up mobile typography in pre-designed blocks
Сustomize font size and line spacing for text displayed on mobile devices with a screen width of 480px and below.
Fixed "Purchase" button
You can now fix the "Purchase" button on product pages so it's always visible on mobile devices using some pre-designed blocks from the "Store" category.

Website Management

Transferring websites to other accounts and moving pages to other projects
Create websites for clients and allow them to easily manage projects on their own.
Duplicating pages
Duplicate a page to change certain elements for A/B testing, for example.
Design a page and save it as a template that you can use in your future projects or share with other users*.
Shared access for collaboration
Team up and work together on a project. Edit the permission type for each team member, and share full or limited access to your website.
Advanced interface mode

Enable this mode for projects with 20+ pages and enjoy advanced possibilities like search, sorting, and bulk actions with pages, as well as page title and URL quick editing without opening Page Settings.

Adding comments to block
Make a note about a particular block for the team or yourself. Any user with project access can add a comment and resolve it.
Favorites in the Block Library
You can quickly find favorite blocks in the "Favorites" category. This is your selection of the blocks saved from other categories.
Available for Business Plan subscribers.

Domain & Going Live

Assigning custom domain name in two steps
Specify your custom domain name in Site Settings, then modify your IP address with your registrar—and the domain is connected!
Connecting HTTPS
Generate a free "Let's Encrypt" certificate for your project in Site Settings.
Assign simple URLs that are well-indexed by search engines and make sense to your visitors.
Free subdomain tilda.ws
Come up with a great name for your website and use it with the free Tilda subdomain. Your website address will look like this: mywebsite.tilda.ws
301 redirects
Enable a 301 redirect to improve SEO when you change your website URL.
Fast page load speed: Image storage on CDN
Images are stored on a geographically distributed network (CDN) that reduces load times thanks to several proxy servers deployed in multiple locations.
Protection from DDoS Attacks
We use dedicated high-quality technical equipment and partner services to protect your website from intruders and reduce the probability of an attack to zero.
Image optimization
All websites created on Tilda are Lazy Load-enabled by default. This allows content to load very quickly even on mobile devices.
This technology reduces the total size of a website by 3-7 times. Images are scaled to the size of the layout container and converted to a next-gen format—WebP. This optimization significantly speeds up Tilda websites.


Basic animation in ready-to-use blocks
Easily implement ready-made effects for text blocks, pictures, forms, or buttons.
Advanced animation in Zero Block
Fade in & fade out animation for any element, parallax effect, fixed positioning on scroll, and a variety of trigger types.
Animate any element, and create personalized motion sequences by setting up position, duration, scale, opacity, rotation, etc. for each element.
Change the easing for each element and set precise coordinates. Use different types of easing and change them with Bézier curves to experiment with the animation and make the best sequence according to your idea.


Built-in statistics
Track sessions, sources, and popular pages in your Tilda account. You can also track UTM tags, events, and measure conversion, too.
Google Аnalytics and Google Tag Manager
Fully integrated with Tilda. No need to add any code, simply set up your account in Site Settings when configuring Analytics tracking.
Two ways to set the pixel: Using HTML code or Facebook Conversion API.
Engagement rates
Check how much time people spend on a web page (session duration) and measure page scrolling rates to see how many visitors reach the 25, 50, or 75% scroll marks.
Identify channels that bring you more visitors: Ads, social media, search engines, or a newsletter. Check details for each source.
Top-10 cities and top-10 countries of your visitors.
Use UTM tags for your advertising campaign links and mark the URLs shared on social media and other resources with a free Campaign URL Builder.
Sending events to analytics
Closely track visitor activity on your website: Check how many people opened a pop-up, clicked on a CTA button, or filled in an online form.
ABC and XYZ-analysis for eCommerce
You can conduct an XYZ analysis for your eCommerce inventory on Tilda. The ABC-XYZ summary table displays the fluctuations in demand throughout the year.

Search Optimization (SEO)

Tilda websites are well indexed by default
Thanks to the search engine-friendly structure of sequential blocks, all Tilda websites rank high in search results.
SEO Assistant and optimization tools
Submit your website to Google, identify errors that affect indexing, test your website against key search engine recommendations.
Managing Title and Description tags
Set a title, description, and keywords on each page for search engine robots.
Automatic generation of robots.txt
This file contains special instructions for search engine robots.
Automatic generation of sitemap.xml
This file is created specifically for search engines and contains the list of page URLs featuring their hierarchy and frequency of change.
Optimize headings for search engine robots by assigning tags to the key elements on a page.
Setting H2-H6 tags for card subtitles
H2-H3 tags can be set in the "SEO: Title Tag" field in the Settings tab of any block that has a title. In other blocks, you can set headings of other levels up to H6.
ALT tags for images
Optimize images for search engine robots adding their description.
User-friendly URLs
To further improve indexing, you can use URLs that contain easily readable words without abbreviations or identifiers.
Supporting Facebook Open Graph
Modify the social preview of your web page by setting a dedicated image, title, and description.
Verify website ownership on Google Search Console
Verify the ownership of your website quickly and easily to be able to use webmaster features.
Automatic redirect from mirror to original websites
Using the rel="canonical" link element, Tilda automatically redirects visitors and search engines to the correct URL.
Upload custom favicons
Upload any icon to be displayed in the browser tab to increase brand awareness. You can add specific favicons for light and dark browser themes by uploading ICO, PNG, JPG, or SVG files.
Custom 404 error page
Design a custom 404 error page that is displayed when your visitors click on a broken link.
Prevent search engines from indexing pages or websites
If necessary, you can keep your website or selected pages away from indexing to make sure they won't appear in search results.
The Adaptive Image Loading technology reduces the total size of a website by 3-7 times. Therefore, Tilda websites load fast which has a positive impact on SEO.
Delayed counter initialization
Google Analytics files are quite heavy, so they will slow down the page load speed if all of them load at once. That's why, by default, these counters are connected 2 seconds after the page loads.
301 redirects
Redirect links from the old website to the new one so that users don't get lost and the SEO of the page from which the redirect occurs is preserved.
HTTPS/HTTP and WWW redirects
For search engines, HTTP and HTTPS pages, as well as those with or without WWW, are different pages containing the same content. You can set up redirects to avoid lowering the page's ranking on Google.
Tilda's pre-designed blocks include all the necessary features to create an accessible website for people with disabilities. The layout and attributes allow you to create a website that is easily understood by assistive technologies and also positively affects search rankings.

Tilda CRM

CRM is a built-in tool to manage your leads. No specific knowledge or experience is required to use it.
Board view and table view
Switch between two viewing modes with just one click, drag-and-drop leads to move them along the funnel.
Sales funnel
Add your sales funnel stages and get a clear view of how many leads you currently have in each stage.
Integration with forms
CRM is available as a data collection service for online forms on Tilda. Create a new list and start capturing leads.
Lead analytics
Lead customer journey and behavior are automatically tracked and added to a lead card. Use this information to generate more leads and increase sales.
Sending emails to your leads
You can email your leads directly from the CRM.
Add team members
Tilda CRM supports teamwork. Invite your colleagues and grant them full or limited access.
Contact database
Order history and contact database are located in one place.
Export contact lists
You can export your leads anytime as a CSV file.

Content Personalization

Multiple landing pages
Customize specific words or blocks for specific audiences based on URL parameters.
Geo-targeted landing pages
Automatically change words or blocks, or enable redirection to another page based on visitor location.
Automatic language selection
Redirect to the correct language version of the website based on the language set on the visitor's device.

Social Media Marketing

Social media share buttons
Add social media buttons to help visitors share your website and spread the word about your project.
Social media account buttons
Increase the number of your followers by linking your website to your social media accounts.
Auto-generated tags for Facebook Open Graph
The social media previews of your website that appear when the page is shared will look great.
Social media-specific metadata settings
Create specific titles and descriptions, or use different preview images for social media previews.

Custom HTML Code, Java Script and CSS

Adding custom HTML code (including Java Script and CSS)
To add any custom code, use the T123 "Embed HTML Code" block. It allows you to embed any type of code, including <script> and <style> tags to any spot on your website.
Adding a CSS file to assign a custom style to any block
Create your own style by adding a CSS file.
Embedding your HTML code to a pop-up
Add HTML, Java Script and CSS code in a pop-up.
Social media-specific metadata settings
Create specific titles and descriptions, or use different preview images for social media previews.

Limited Access

Restrict website access by setting up a password
Set up a login and password and limit access to your website.
Restrict website access with an IP address
Allow access only to specific IP addresses, and your website will be visible only to you, your colleagues, or your clients.
Password-protected pages
Set up a password to restrict the access to certain parts of your website.
Copy protection
This feature prevents users from selecting and copying web page content and looking up the source code.

Email Campaign Builder

Pre-designed newsletter templates
Create stunning email campaigns using Tilda's handy editor and ready-made blocks.
Integrated with MailChimp, SendGrid and UniSender
Integrate your account with MailChimp, SendGrid, or UniSender to send emails to the your mailing lists.
Sending your newsletter from any service
Copy and paste your email campaign HTML to any email marketing service.

Members Area

Invite or add members
When a customer pays for an electronic product, such as a guide, ebook, or photo preset, offer them to create their account and get access to materials or add the user to the group automatically after payment.
Set up groups with access to specific pages
If you have a corporate knowledge base, you can divide the information for different departments into groups. The pages are accessible only through the user's personal account.
Access to certain pages
Give the customer access to specific pages on the website. This could be a festival schedule, a workshop program, etc.
Automatic exclusion from the group
Set the time after which users are automatically removed from the group. You can set the time period for access to materials for up to a year or a specific date.
Signup & login page custom design
You can select a form style, and background image, customize the title and text typography, and change button settings.
Personalized Emails
Customize emails that are automatically sent to users when they perform certain actions.
Online courses
Create a course of any scale and set up temporary or lifetime access.

Online Course Builder

Lecture types and section creation
The text editor allows you to quickly and easily layout lectures and change element settings. Each lecture can contain a video, webinar, Tilda page, plain text, test, or homework for students to complete. All lectures are organized into thematic sections.
Paid course access
You can set up paid registration for a course by connecting a payment system. Users will not be added to the group until they have paid.
Reviewing homework
In the Course Settings, you can add one or more tutors to review assignments. For homework, you can choose the type of credit, set a passing grade, and make completion of the assignment a required step to view the next lecture.
Results for students
Students see the text of the assignment, have the option to submit the work, see the tutor's or other student's grade, and can post a comment below the assignment that is visible only to the tutor and the student.
Notifications for tutors and students
Tutors receive notifications when homework is submitted and students receive notifications when their assignment is reviewed.
Course export
You can export course content and post it to any learning platform that supports the IMS Common Cartridge which is suitable for most well-known LMSs. All lecture types and homework tasks are available for export.
Student progress statistics
Check how each student is advancing in the course. If the student is enrolled in several courses, you can select the course you need by using the drop-down menu next to the tabs.
Lecture statistics
Track student attendance, course start delays, and assignment completion.
Student activity statistics
Shows the activity of all students without grouping by date. See the stats by day for last month or by month for last year.
Start Page personalization
Design the page with the list of courses, groups, and pages available for users.
Copy protection
Content protection settings are available for different types of lectures: Text articles in courses, pages, and videos.


Available only on Business Plan
Exporting static HTML by downloading archived files
When you export your archive, you get a static HTML code and all necessary files, such as images, CSS, and JS.
Fine-tuning images, JS, CSS file URLs
Export the code and change URL addresses, if needed.
Exported code is ready to go
All you need to do is to unarchive the file and copy the code to your server.

API. Integrating Tilda Into Your Website

Available only on Business Plan
Use API for website integration
Create stunning web pages on Tilda and integrate them with your website.
Create beautiful web pages on Tilda and integrate them into your WordPress website.

Support & Documentation

Tilda Help Center contains detailed and illustrated answers to most inquiries about the platform and website building in general.
Step-by-step video guides to creating a variety of web projects.
We respond to inquiries via email and the feedback form 7 days a week. You can usually expect a response within an hour.
Useful free webinars on design, website building, and marketing. Learn to create beautiful and user-friendly websites.

Education & Professional Growth

Practical guides to web design and digital marketing, client stories, tutorials, and more.
The free guide introduces web animation techniques with examples and tips on how to use them. 16 lessons come with pre-designed templates and video tutorials on animating websites on Tilda.
A free coursebook on how to design, set up, and run high-conversion landing pages.
A Course from Tilda that gives you everything you need to promote your website
Want to learn more about Tilda's features and possibilities and understand how to work with the platform? Check out the full Tilda website builder review.
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