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ADAptive design
Sell across all devices: desktops, tablets or smartphones
There is no need to duplicate work or change anything for tablets and smartphones. Your online store will automatically adapt to every device and will look great across all of them.
Receive card payments using convenient payment systems
Connect a payment system such as PayPal, Robokassa, CloudPayments, Stripe, Yandex.Money or Yandex.Checkout and your customers will be able to pay for their goods securely using Visa or MasterCard, Yandex.Money, mobile payments, Sberbank or via Alfa-Click online banking services.
Be confident — your buyers will find you in Google or Yandex search
Sites created in Tilda are well indexed by search engines thanks to the key to our platform's success: the sequential arrangement of blocks. Additionally, SEO specialists will find all the tools they need: H1 and alt image tags, descriptions and key words, clean URLs and robots and sitemap files.
What online store owners say about Tilda
We asked online store owners why they chose Tilda and how the platform is helping them to grow their business
We decided to sell the best books about architecture and urban planning in our online shop. In the beginning we wanted to see what a web store could look like so we used Tilda to put together a prototype because we found the process quick, simple and convenient. Then we realised that the prototype could be quickly turned into a working online store, and we wouldn't need a designer or a programmer. As a result, we were able to save money, have a speedy launch and a good-looking website featuring the best urban architecture books out there. A fabulous start to our venture!
Vsevolod Ivanov
Founder, Urban Books
Woolie is a beautiful brand. You couldn't sell our products without having stylish content. Once or twice a month we photograph our products professionally. Our main sales channel is Instagram, where we post new photos every couple of days.
In the beginning, I modelled our products. Later, I asked my girlfriends to take part. In lieu of payment, we bartered or offered a small amount of money. Same with our photographer – some of the friendly photographers accepted our products instead of payment, some charged "mates" rates. Studio rental (about $30USD per hour) had to be included in the cost of the content.
But the main resource here is not money, but time and imagination, because it's not always easy to style the shot in the most elegant way.
Anna Avdeeva
Founder, Woolie blanket online store
I made my online portfolio in Tilda ages ago but when I decided to open my online store I didn't know I could do this in Tilda. I looked at other platforms, found an option that I liked (it offered free templates and my own domain). But the resulting site looked awful, as if it was made in the late 90s (plus, I had to rediscover how to use HTML). I was too ashamed to show my website to potential clients. Then I found that I could build an online store in Tilda. This was great news! My content remained the same but it looked contemporary and attractive. I continue to receive positive comments from my friends to this day.
Elena Dozhdikova
Graphic designer, founder of iambag
It took us a couple of months to choose a website builder, and finally we settled on Tilda. Why? Because of their love for typography, the most convenient interface, regular blocks updates and the best price. A year later, we are still very happy with Tilda.
Yuri Kuznetsov
Marketing manager, Save&Case
When our team began thinking about creating an online shop, we went through lots of platforms that did not suit us for many reasons: tasteless design, difficulties in usage and so on. We did not have any experience in creating websites. Tilda forced us to spend one night involved in the most interesting process, and in the morning we had a very cool landing page, which everyone was crazy about. Then we figured out how to use design blocks and were able to create a simple, concise and convenient site for our guests. The good taste of the team at Tilda + minimalism + reasonable service rates = unequivocal success!
Store team, Selfhood

Some online stores made on Tilda

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We've thought of everything. Convenient features for creating a remarkable online shopping experience
Put items in the cart by adding product specifications, additional services (such as delivery), and place an order. Pay for your purchase straight away or place an order and pay on delivery.
Choosing product options when placing an order
To make shopping easier for his clients, Andy added product options. For example, a selection of posters in gift wrap will cost $5 more. Additionally, when the customer selects a delivery option, the total amount will be recalculated automatically.
Purchasing several items by adding them to your cart
Will created InStore, his e-commerce site, that sells gifts, accessories and other trinkets. He added product cards, product images, descriptions, prices, sizes and discounted items. Now buyers can select several stickers, a bag, a yellow, blue or red notebook, add them to the cart and place their order and arrange a delivery – all in a few seconds.
Receiving order forms from clients
Alex makes leather accessories and sells them online. Some customers buy ready-made items, while others place special orders. To keep her customer base organised and see incoming orders straight away, she collects all her orders in a CRM table and an online messenger. Alex has also set up an automated newsletter distribution to clients who have bought something from her shop.
Customise your product order form
With our customisable order form you can create the order form that works for you. Manage every aspect of the form: specify delivery by courier or give a choice of several payment options.
Easier online store management with a product catalog
Organise items in a list and edit product properties inside the catalog's control panel.
Create products categories
Keep track of your available stock
Add new items manually or use the import option if you have a large inventory
Managing stock is easy with an online catalog
Control and manage stock with the help of a catalog. Any changes in a catalog are instantly displayed on the website.
Quantity of available stock
Quantity of products may go down as you make sales. Stock control will prevent you from selling an out-of-stock item.
Products variants
One product can have several variants. If you're selling an armchair, you can mention that it has leather or fabric upholstery, as well as different color options. The price can vary, too.
A unique page is automatically created for each product, which is indexed by search engines. A sitemap-store.xml file is also generated and can be added to Google Search Console and Yandex.Webmaster.
Additional options
In addition to selling a product, you can gift wrap it or send it by courier. Provide this information in the Additional Options window.
Importing and exporting products
Importing CSV formatted data will help to upload your inventory to the catalog quickly. Use YML formatted data to add products to Yandex.Market.
Product filters by parameters
Now you can filter all products in an online store by color, material, brand or product type.
Sorting products
Sort the products by price, alphabetical order or newest products first. Using filters you can get a more precise result.
Searching for products
Use the search bar to find products by a keyword.

Filters and product search in a product catalog
Now you can sort all products in your online store by their characteristics, sort them or find the product you need by using the search bar on your website.
Product filters by parameters
Sorting products
Searching for products
Maintain a customer database and manage sales in an embedded CRM
Referral traffic stats
CRM is built into Tilda and is free
Visual dashboard
Leave comments to client's order
Simple leads management with drag-and-drop
Number of visits and page views per user
Send your contacts simple or HTML emails directly from CRM
Number of leads per user
Adding collaborators to CRM for free
Create your contacts database automatically or manually
Download your contacts list in .csv format
Grant your collaborators full or limited access rights

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