Tilda CRM

A simple tool to manage your leads

When there is no order to your business
I want all leads to be stored in one place. I want an easy way of managing them and I don't want to lose sales.
Lost profit. I can't remember what each client bought from us and have no idea what else to offer them.
A convenient tool for working with leads
Link CRM to a Tilda website with one click and all leads will be saved automatically
It's chaos! I've got some leads in my computer, the rest are on a piece of paper.
I'm losing clients. I can't always remember who to call back or who is waiting for a business offer.
Add customer progress stages
Edit data inside the table on click
Log leads from the website or manually
Edit leads with one click
CRM is built into Tilda and is free
Leads are sorted by stage
CRM is built into Tilda
Visible status:
see what's happening
Sales funnel stages help organise leads and give a quick overview of the whole picture.
Overall card view
Leave comments to leads
Simple leads management with drag-and-drop
Switch from card to table view
Visual dashboard
Leave comments on leads
Easy to edit with drag-and-drop
I don't understand where my clients are coming from
I want to know where a client comes from and which pages she visited before making contact
I'm unable to finish my website and make it work better – I'm missing the data on customer journeys and behaviour.
Leads and customer analytics
I can't plan my ad campaign because I don't know how my clients are coming to my website.
I don't know how to talk to client: I have no idea how well they know my business and what to focus on when I contact them.
Lead analytics and traffic referral quality
All information about a lead in one place
Leave comments to client's order
Referral traffic stats
Number of visits and page views per user
Number of leads per user
Send your contacts simple or HTML emails directly from CRM
Leave comments on leads for your colleagues
CRM shows a customer journey and behaviour so you can use this information to grow sales
All information about a lead
Send your contacts simple or HTML emails directly from lead card
Complete order history for each client
Create your contacts database automatically or manually
Download your contacts list in .csv format
Add colleagues and grant them full or limited access rights
Add colleagues to CRM for free
Client history and team work
Full story leads of a client
Who is CRM for?

Tilda CRM is great for small companies and entrepreneurs who have no need for a sophisticated CRM system. It won't really work for advanced sale funnels and big sales departments.
How is it different from other CRM systems?
You don't need to do any training to learn Tilda CRM. Simply link it to your website and add funnel stages. Leads from forms will be logged in CRM automatically together with some additional data such as: Where did the client come from? What actions did the client perform on your website? How did the client find your website in the first place?
How much does it cost?
Tilda CRM does not require any additional payment and is included in our premium price plans (Personal, Business and Pro). However, only a limited set of features is available on a free price plan.
Can I connect it to a website that wasn't created on Tilda?
No, you cannot connect Tilda CRM to a website created on another platform. You may, however, log leads from other sources manually.
How safe are my leads and contacts?
Contacts and leads are encrypted. Data transfer between the browser and servers is protected with an SSL certificate. Additionally, the CRM platform is protected from DDoS attacks with special equipment.
Can I work in CRM together with my colleagues?
You may grant your colleagues access to individual leads lists. Different colleagues may receive different types of access: view only, partial access to work with leads or full access. Any colleague with a free Tilda account may be granted access.
Shape your business into order
Connect CRM to your website with one click. Available without additional charges on any premium tariff.
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