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Share expert opinion and news by creating a powerful blog with its own identity
By creating a blog in Tilda, you are expanding the possibilities of your content. Tell stories that will look like articles in glossy mags – without a designer or a programmer.
Win over your readers with quality typography
Quotes, key phrases, big headlines... Showcase your story in a way everyone will want to read it. Discover your own style with one of our blocks.
Attract audiences with visual content
Full-screen image galleries, covers, video backgrounds and images with captions – we have all the tools to help you present your content in a memorable way.
Grow your customer database with beautiful forms
Why not use a popular marketing tool to increase your customer base? Invite readers to subscribe to your mailing list using a form on the homepage or a special popup message.
Up-to-date content formats
Whatever your website – a detailed longread or a brief note, a photo essay or an educational article – any type of content will have authority and look stunning when you use one of Tilda's templates. In fact, there are several dozen of them to help you make your design dreams a reality.
Design your homepage in your visual style
Make your homepage stand out. Position links in a grid or a list. Use marketing tools: invite readers to sign up for your newsletter via a form or a popup message. Share articles on social media.
Creating high quality posts is easy.
See it for yourself
Post more with Feeds
Feeds makes publishing daily news or blog posts easier and moderating them more convenient. Create an unlimited number of posts, use a handy text editor, create categories according to themes, schedule posts and customize their appearance.
Design pages with ready-made modular blocks
Design posts by choosing from over 450 ready-made blocks. Simply add or change content. To turn a page into a blog post, you do not need to study web design, web editing or HTML layouts. All you need is unique content.
Create custom blocks in Zero Block,
our web editor
Zero Block allows you to design each element of your website and offers convenient tools for creating custom designs. Shapes, layers, opacity – let your imagination run free.
Consistent user experience across all devices
There is no need to adjust your blog's settings for mobile devices. Responsive web design is embedded in Tilda blocks.
Connect your domain
Your blog will become your marketing platform. Connect the domain to your project – allow us to continue hosting your domain, export it to another server or use API to integrate it with your website.
Grow your audience by using SEO
Tilda has all the tools for optimising your website for search engines. Meta tags, robots.txt files and sitemaps, <h1> header and alt texts for images – you don't have to be a specialist to improve your site's rankings.
Choose the best plan for you
Create a blog from $10 per month. Add analytics and third-party services such as comments, social media posts, CRM tools and much more.
Connect your favourite marketing services
Expand your blog's capabilities by adding services integrated with Tilda. Collect feedback, connect a CRM system, distribute newsletters.
Examples of blogs made in Tilda

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We are trusted by professionals
A great, easy-to-use tool that we used (finally!) to discover new content formats. Now our editors can spend even less time thinking about technial issues and focus more on creativity.
Alexey Ponomar
CEO, lifehacker.ru, macradar.ru
Tilda is a very convenient and agile storytelling tool. It saves you time you'd otherwise spend on production, allowing you to focus on the story instead. It's a really nice tool created for improving efficiency.
Anton Stepanov
Art director, Russia Today
Using Tilda Publishing is similar to finding yourself in a Duty Free shop with your father's credit card.
Inna German
Editor-in-chief, Theory and Practice
Tilda changes the modern concept of design. Creating a website, I feel the freedom to narrate. I only think about the content, not the tools.
Yaroslav Shuvaev
Product Owner Alfa-Mobile в Alpha-Bank
Anyone who wants to take content marketing to another level, should give Tilda a go. Do it at least once, and you will forget about spending two weeks on a decent landing page and working with a designer, a layout guy and a test engineer. Using Tilda is incredibly cool.
Alexey Pedosenko
PR director, Depositphotos
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