Creating email marketing campaigns is now easier than ever ― construct newsletters out of blocks in Tilda.

Email Campaign Builder

Create your newsletter in Tilda with our simple, well-designed editor
Connect MailChimp or SendGrid
Send your newsletter from Tilda
or get an HTML code for any other service
Ready-to-use templates
for your newsletters
Get started quickly: just add your content, and your letter is ready to go out into the world.
Use newsletters for creating a news feed and SEO
Each newsletter has a unique URL (just like a website). Publish the newsletter as a regular webpage and post it in the News section of your site or on a blog.
Share your newsletters on Social Media
Optimize them for Search Engines and get organic traffic
Assign your own domain

Tell your users about
what's really important to you

Share news, trade secrets, new projects
and special deals.
Integrating with email marketing platforms
Seamlessly connect with the most popular email marketing services. Simply get authorisation.
If you are already using MailChip, simply connect the accounts and send your newsletters to an existing list of clients. The service is free for up to 2,000 subscribers.
Set up an API key, and create campaigns, choose sender, contacts list, plan and make mailshots – all without leaving Tilda. Forget about your letters not reaching recipients. Cheaper than MailChimp.
Click on 'Publish' and get html code that you can import to any email marketing service. We will add more integrated services later.
Email Campaign Builder is included for free on Personal and Business plans.
Create irresistable newsletters. Take your email campaigns to another level.
To Tilda's current users: sign in and click on the button 'Start email campaing' in your profile, next to the button 'Start new site'
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