Tilda helps you build stunning websites for business and media
170+ pre-designed blocks are ready for your web projects
Content Oriented Web
Create great interactive stories, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.
Module System
Build your page from a wide range of pre-designed blocks.
Contemporary look and high flexibility makes them handy and applicable for any kind of content. All you need is good content and some taste.
Blocks library
Wide screen covers, gorgeous typography, photo gallery, embient background video, persons introduction and more...
You don't need be a designer. We've developed a wide range of blocks. Contemporary look and high flexibility makes them handy and applicable for any kind of content.
Born Adaptive
There's no need to do twice the work optimizing pages for tablets and smartphones.
Pages created with Tilda look great across all devices. We've thought it through so you can think about your content instead of technical issues.
Tilda in action. Effective and simple. See the platform screencast.
Tilda Design Features
Focus on Typography
Every block is perfectly balanced to make the reading an enjoyable experience.
When it comes to content delivery, you want it as effective as possible. We've created a wide range of visual blocks to suit any kind of content, which allows you to present things exactly as they should be - stylish and easily digestable. We've taken care of all typographic elements: set the line length, leading, font sizes. We love typographic composition and we know exactly how to rock it.
Rich visual content
Photojournalism is important. Some of the most beautiful article formats consist mainly of pictures: photo-stories, lookbooks, event reports.
We've developed a collection of blocks to suit pictures is any size or format. Fullscreen blocks, auto-adjustment, solutions for 2-3 images in a row and etc.
Convincing call to action
Landing pages and effective presentations for any occasion
Simple website is not always enough. Quite often, what you really need is a landing page: the page that convinces people to take certain action - sign up, subscribe, make a call, or whatever. Tilda has a range of special blocks to make your landing page an effective one. We have product features, buttons, testimonials, call-to-action blocks and much more.
With tilda you can either create single online pages or consolidate them into a solid website.
Create header, menu, and footer that will be automatically placed on every page, add index grid to your home page, and related posts to a material page - you're all set to open your own portfolio, blog, zine, feature article, special project - whatever you like.
We're constantly watching current trends in web and editorial design, so that anything you make on Tilda looks fresh and up-to-date. We believe it's important for dedicated creators, people who design for tomorrow.
Social Networks Integration
Every web page secretly dreams of going viral. To make this dream more feasible, we've added handy sharing features and social blocks.
No Support Needed
You won't need to learn how to code. You won't even need a programmer friend. All settings and controls you need are right at your fingertips.
Search Engine Friendly
Whenever your project is shared on social network or shown in search results, the preview will look its best.
Custom fonts
Connect your TypeKit account, choose a typeface from Google Fonts, or upload your own custom ones.
Google analytics
Also, you can connect a Google Analytics account to monitor your Tilda project traffic.
Regular Library Update
Tilda's blocks library doesn't stay static: we add new blocks and customisation features, so everything you use is up-to-date.
The Publishing
Projects made on Tilda can be published on our server, or exported to your hosting provider. You can also host your content on Tilda while using your own domain.
Easy export
Everything you make on Tilda can be easily exported to your server by copying the source files.
It's good for high-loaded projects, or those who prefer to stay independent in full control. It also allows you to make changes in the very source of the page in case you want to do something custom.
Your own domain
When you publish pages or sites on Tilda, you stay fully independent.
You can link your own domain to your project (as an alias). We won't add any ads.
API and integration
The page you've created on Tilda can be integrated in your website.
In this case, header and footer are located from your site, while the page content is taken from Tilda. This feature is custom, so contact us to work out the ways of integrating Tilda with your site.
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