Increase website’s conversion rate with a quiz

Discover user preferences and create tailor-made offers for every customer
Create a quiz
We created this quiz to help calculate the price of a fitness club subscription
Finally, ask the user to leave their contact information so you can send them quiz results. All responses will land in your inbox, in Tilda CRM or any other CRM tool you choose
Invite the user to select the type of training they are interested in, by clicking an image
Ask the user to make a choice via a classic or a dropdown menu
The user can choose when they would like to train from a question with answers
For range slider responses, set top and bottom values and the step size. Use the range slider to ask customers to define their fitness level, for example
1 — I haven't worked out in a long time, 10 – I'm in great shape
Use "+" and "–" for quantative questions, for example, when you want to find out how many times a week the user wants to train at the gym
There are 20 field types available for your needs
This is a sample quiz that you can create for your website. Click 'Next' to explore the form's features
Discover what people want with an interactive quiz. Simply choose block BF919 ("Step-by-step form") in the "Form and button" category. Add the block to your page and fill in the required fields.

How does it work?

Add a quiz to your landing page
or create a new page
Choose block BF919 "Step-by-step form" from the "Form and button" category. For a quiz that opens in a popup window, choose block BF920 "Popup: step-by-step form"
Select the type and number of questions, set the required fields. Publish your page
The user will take the quiz and, as a last step, enter their contact details. These will be added to your CRM tool and in the Leads section of your personal account in Tilda
Prepare an offer that matches the users' needs, get in touch with them with a tailor-made offer

Why use quizzes?

Collect useful information in a playful way, turn website visitors into customers with tailor-made offers
Lower cost per lead
Interactive format will increase customer engagement. Once the website visitor takes the quiz, they will be more willing to give you their contact information in order to find out the result of the quiz
Add links to quizzes on your social media channels and collect leads from new sources
Delivering highly relevant and personalized offers will help to convert leads into sales.
A call center will spend less time figuring out the needs of a potential customer before contacting them
Promotion on social media
User segmentation
Time-saving tool

4 reasons to create a quiz on Tilda

Create a quiz quickly and easily and integrate it with a CRM system of your choice
Set the number and format of your questions, select background and buttons colors, choose typography and add animation
Quiz design with variables
Receive leads to Tilda CRM or integrate with another tool. For your convenience, we've added some of the most popular CRM services
Integration with 15 CRM tools
Quiz is a basic feature in Tilda. It is available on all paid-for plans without any additional charges
Standard feature for Tilda users
You don't need to know programming or be a web specialist to create a great quiz. Use our pre-designed solutions created by UX professionals according to the latest web design trends.
Creating a quiz for your website is easy
Create a quiz that your visitors would love to take
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