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Every day Tilda website builder helps thousands of businesses and millions of people around the world to stand out with impressive websites. We believe that the best way to understand the platform is to find out the opinions of people who use it, from designers and marketers to startup founders and independent professionals.
Jan Mráz
Head of Product Design, Atheros
Tilda provides a very easy and fast way for building websites also for people with less web design experience. In comparison with other website builders, Tilda has really intuitive design features, which are supported by various templates, boosting the design process as well. Definitely, I recommend this solution not only to small individual projects but also to businesses.
Simon Wijers
Web Designer, SW designs
I’m a freelance web designer and I use Tilda for all my client projects. I've tried many other builders but none of them worked exactly the way I would want them to or had limits in what they could offer. Tilda has made my design workflow easier and, more importantly, more fun. I love the freedom that you have as a designer, even without touching the code! You are not limited in what you can do, and that is a great thing!
Andy Page
Executive Director, Forge
We're a non-profit tech skill school and use Tilda for our website, hosting some of our curriculum for students, and also tools for our instructors. Tilda has been a game-changer for us. It allows our team to quickly spin up new web pages, make edits, and ship new programs. We left WordPress for Tilda and after being with Tilda for 2 years, I don't ever want to go back.
Mike Badura
Founder, Skillspace
When I first discovered Tilda two years ago I was immediately delighted by the simplicity of use, minimalism, and quality of templates. Today I'm creating websites for all my clients on Tilda: after a few minutes of working with the platform, they can easily edit content and create new sections themselves, and I no longer receive emails with questions about plugins or template updates as I did with other website builders. This is amazing!
Juan C. Jaramillo (jaywrkr)
Creative Director at minervo
What Tilda made me fall in love with is the personalization capacity. Basically, Tilda gives you everything to create your website or e-commerce in a second, but it also allows you to play with creativity in an intuitive way.
Robby Fowler
Branding and Marketing Strategist, robbyf.com & The Brand ED Podcast
I built my first website in 2001. Since then I've used countless platforms and website builders for customer websites and my own business. Tilda is the perfect combination of ease of use with powerful features at an unbeatable value. I love Tilda for my coaching, consulting, and speaker clients. I teach them how to create their Tilda websites and grow their business. They create their amazing website fast and can easily maintain it without having to depend on an expensive designer or developer.
With Tilda you have the power to fully customise your website. Tilda is a very nice website builder and is perfectly suited for people who like to understand how their system works by essentially connecting all the dots themselves. Yes, Tilda can help you create very simple sites with very little input from the site owner, but its power does lie in its customisation features, which are very good indeed.
Violetta Shishkina
Co-founder and CEO of CADChain and Fe/male Switch
These days, you don't need technical skills to create a landing page that best represents your company. My team and I opted for Tilda – a solution that turned out to be a super effective and convenient tool for our startup. Tilda has helped us create snazzy-looking pages that clearly convey our mission to the audience. With Tilda, you can connect all kinds of plugins, payment systems and optimize your SEO, which will make your business life a tad bit easier. Built-in analytics and a CRM system are perfect in the beginning stages of your business when you have to multitask all the time.
Mitchell Cuevas
Product, Techstars
I've built and/or managed hundreds of different websites in my career with what seems like just as many different tools, platforms, and content management systems. Within 10 minutes of using Tilda, I knew it was the best builder and editor I had ever used. I'm building almost all my new websites, landing pages, and micro-sites on Tilda. The speed with which you can launch a new site and edit it for your stakeholders is incredible, plus everything about the interface is intuitive.
Igor Krasnik
We’ve tried different website builders and Tilda is one of the most powerful tools out there. It’s really easy to launch and support projects, integrate them with third-party services, use custom code, online forms, and CRM to get high-quality results – these are our criteria, which Tilda fully meets. On top of that, Tilda allows teamwork. It’s like Figma for web design!
Mary Lyubimtseva
Digital Marketing Project Manager at IIDF
Tilda was a solution for us when we ran out of time to update our site - when working with a service contractor, you depend on their schedule and pace. We accelerated the launch of new web pages, saved time and resources on hiring a designer and developer. Thanks to Tilda, we quickly made a new landing page and increased our enrollment conversion rate by 3x. A great solution for quick hypothesis testing in a startup or large company.
Irina Kudryashova
Marketing Projects Manager at Redmadrobot
Tilda has saved us a lot of time and effort. We use the platform for everything - project presentations, product websites, corporate mailing lists, and everything in between. We love it because it is intuitive, beautiful, any fantasy is feasible, and you don't have to pay thousands of dollars for it.
Oleksii Pedosenko
Former Head of PR at Depositphotos
Anyone who wants to take their company's content marketing to the next level should try Tilda at least once. You'll forget how you used to spend weeks creating a decent landing page and working with a designer, developer, and tester. Tilda's unbelievably awesome.
Anastasia Leonova
Digital Designer at Shishki Agency
Tilda is the most convenient, friendly, and multifunctional website builder for those who care about further site development, promotion, analytics, and easy content management. I'm very glad that the functionality and design features are being constantly updated. Step-by-step animation made Tilda even better. Keep moving and be brave!
Pavel Tarelkin
Co-fonuder and CEO at Uplab
Tilda is great for content-oriented projects with a small budget, where you need to show beautiful photos, portfolios, and cases. One of the most important reasons for choosing Tilda is that the site is easily maintained by the customer.
Maria Stashenko
Founder, Wonderfull lab
We decided to give up developing a website in a web studio when we tried Tilda. At that point, all of us, our entire team became "developers", each of us could connect to the page editor.
Julia Mironova
Head of Web Design at Stroganov Academy
Tilda is a flexible and user-friendly website builder, even for inexperienced users, with an extensive range of tools for developing both landing pages and multi-page sites of various levels of complexity. I included Tilda in the educational program because it is a great help in understanding the entire range of principles of creating web applications for design students. In fact, it's an interactive visual aid that adapts to each student's individual tasks and fits perfectly into the Triple E educational framework.
Vsevolod Pulya
Editor-in-Chief, Russia Beyond
Tilda has made it possible to include multimedia stories into the daily routines of our editors. We don't have to bring together designers, programmers, and journalists anymore—if you have good content, you just make a beautiful story yourself.
Stas Polyakov
Former Art director at Yandex
An amazingly simple service to quickly put together a landing page, long-form article, or portfolio site and publish it right away. I'm sure there are plenty of other ways to use it. It's really handy to put blocks together and see how everything works right away. You don't need to know how to code, you just have to imagine what you want to get and assemble it on the fly.
Alex Ivashchenko
Leader and strategist at Svoemedia
I started making websites on the Tilda website builder back in 2014. Back then it was a real visual breakthrough: it felt like I had touched art, and I couldn't believe to the end that it would become so accessible. Now, with Svoemedia, creating websites on Tilda has become a full-fledged area of our business and our favorite CMS.
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