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We are trying to make the world a better place.

This is why we support nonprofit organizations around the world

Each month we award 5 free annual subscriptions to nonprofits contributing to the well-being of society and the planet. We believe that this grant will help spread awareness of their cause and inspire others to make a difference. To win a free subscription, log into your Tilda account, fill in the application form and wait for the results. We will publish lists of the winning projects on this page every last Friday of the month.
Submit an Application
To apply for a grant, sign up for a Tilda account. It won’t take more than a minute.
Contact information
Please attach a scan of the Certificate of Registration as NPO (or equivalent)
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Why Tilda?
Tilda is an intuitive website building platform. With Tilda, anyone can easily create a beautiful and effective landing page, blog or multi-page website. No coding or web design experience required.

You can learn the basics and get the most out of the platform by watching our video tutorials. We also share web design tips on social media. If you have a question about using Tilda, you can find the answer in our Help Center or contact our support.
Who Can Apply
Proposals can be made by charitable, nonprofit, nongovernmental and social change organizations developing projects in one of the sectors listed below
Science and Technology
Charity and Volunteerism
Mother and Child Welfare
Culture and Arts
Social Welfare
Flora and Fauna Protection
Promotion of Physical Fitness, Sports and Healthy Lifestyles
If our application was not selected, can we resubmit it next month?
Yes, you can submit your application again.
What are the evaluation criteria?
Scale of the project, current results of work and official registration. Please note that we do not consider applications from religious and political organizations.
I am a nonprofit organization employee and would like to create a personal website, can I apply for the grant?
Unfortunately, you cannot. The website must comply with the objectives mentioned in the articles of incorporation.
We have submitted our application. How do we know if our project won?
We select 5 winners every last Friday of the month. Selected applicants will receive an email notification.
Where can I see the list of organizations that have already received free subscriptions?
The list of winners is published monthly on this page.
We won a free annual subscription. When it expires, can we apply for the second time?
Yes, you can do this once your free subscription period ends. To apply for the second time, describe the results you have achieved over the past year in the application form.
We are developing a meaningful social project but we are not registered as a nonprofit organization yet. Are we eligible to apply?
Yes, you can apply for the grant.
I still have questions, what can I do?
Contact our support through the form in your personal account on Tilda or send us an email to team@tilda.cc
Past Winning Projects
July 2022
  • Nimdy
Non-profit association based in Switzerland. Nimdy realize and support projects for the education and development of children and adults. Website

  • Pristaniste
Non-profit organization that helps Ukrainian refugees in Montenegro. Website
June 2022
  • Cannon Gang
To support women in STEM, so they have more resources and opportunities to achieve their goals and aspirations and become future leaders shaping our world. Website

  • High School Foreign Service Association
To provide students passionate about international relations and foreign policy with the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, learn from professionals in the field, and grow their communication, critical thinking, and leadership skills. Website

  • GenSpire
To inspire and promote a passion for connectedness and curiosity across all generations in the global community, regardless of demographic. Website

  • The Friends of the Earth
The aim of the project is to educate a wide group of young people, women and mothers on the topics of clean air and climate change, as well as to help create a community for which these topics are fundamental.
May 2022
  • EFAI
EFAI helps foreigners how to quickly adapt in Europe. Website, Instagram, Facebook
April 2022
  • Floating EKA Foundation
EKA creates meaningful and productive relationships between artists, cultural organizations, and communities in the Baltic Sea Region to address social and environmental issues and work together toward common goals. Website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube
February 2022
U&I is a volunteer-driven movement that aims to be the change we want to see in our communities. U&I creates a platform for young people to step up, lead, and create social change in the spheres of education, environment, child and women welfare and mental healthcare. Website, Instagram

  • Pe Stop.
Distributing free monthly menstrual hygiene packages to vulnerable girls and women, organizing menstrual hygiene workshops, working with lawmakers to make these basic products more accessible or even free for those who cannot afford them. Website, Instagram, Facebook
January 2022
  • Confetti
Confetti teaches online English lessons to preschool, elementary, and junior high school-age children. Instagram, Facebook, confettienglish.tilda.ws

  • Peace Foundation e.V., Erfurt, Germany
To support people who have lost / are loosing their livelyhood due to Covid-19 and are struggling under extreme poverty. YouTube, Vimeo

  • Empower Moldova NonProfit Organization
Empower people, helping families with children and people, who are going through an acute material crisis, to improve their conditions and quality of life through material aid and access to education. Facebook
December 2021
  1. Fe/male Switch.
Role-Playing Game to skill up future female tech leaders and empower them to create resilient and innovative tech startups. FacebookMedium, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube 

2. Cedos think tank.
Independent think tank and community that has been researching social issues and promoting social change since 2010. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
August 2021
1. Annapurneswari Charitable Trust. Helping the poor by giving them free food

2. Kredkobranie. Charitable Foundation helps educational institutions with art tools, including pencils and crayons for drawing
Facebook, www.kredkobranie.pl
June 2021
1. Big Data Career Org. Provide guidance, mentorship, and resources to members looking to progress in their careers

2. Impact Innovation Alliance. The goal of the Impact Innovation Alliance is to align science and business with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by developing and promoting new solutions that can grow into sustainable businesses and positively impact the global society

3. Sport in Harmony. Formal aftercare system for released academy players from professional, semi-professional football clubs, boxing clubs, and academies
Instagram, Twitter, www.sportinharmony.org.uk
May 2021
1. Foodbank. Help the needy get meals.
Instagram, Facebook, www.india.foodbank.co

2. AIESEC in Kazakhstan. Developing leadership potential in youth across Kazakhstan by providing cross-cultural experience and hosting social projects.
Instagram, Instagram (2)

3. Achalasia Research. Supporting those with Achalasia, by providing support, guidance and resource information, and contacts that people can use and discover.

4. Kom i gang ("Get goin"). Help people with pollen allergy, hayfever, and related asthma, to be able to have an active physical life, also during the spring and the summer, where birch and grass pollen is in the air.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
March 2021
1. Paspartu Non-Profit Cultural Association. Association which supports and implements projects related to culture and ecology
Facebook, www.paspartu-aps.com

2. Byverkstedet. A nonprofit organization devoted to improving places for people together with the people. Started in 2013 as a group of volunteers wanting to improve their surroundings in Tøyen, has since grown to an organization and creative studio that works with placemaking projects all over Oslo. Based on participation and local potential our work centers around creating collective visions and finding actionable solutions.
Instagram, Facebook, www.byverkstedet.no/en

3. Sharing Hands Foundation. Creating awareness about the less fortunate and empowering people to help them with dignity.
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, www.sharinghandsfoundation.org

4. Pe Stop distributes free menstrual hygiene packages; organize free menstrual hygiene classes; work with legislators in order to make these basic products more easily available to girls and women living in poverty.
Instagram, Facebook, www.pestop.org
February 2021
1. User Research & Experience Lab at the University of Zadar (Republika Hrvatska). The aim of the UXLab is to raise awareness of the importance of user-oriented design and the transfer of knowledge and competencies needed to develop products and services tailored to users' needs and expectations.

2. Toni Garrn Foundation. Is working towards a world where all children, especially girls, can realize their full potential. The foundation raises money for projects that advance and support the rights of young women in Africa with education projects at our core.
Instagram, Facebook, www.tonigarrnfoundation.org
January 2021
1. Confetti. Confetti teaches online English lessons to preschool, elementary, and junior high school-age children.
Instagram, Facebook, www.onfettienglish.tilda.ws

2. Floating EKA. A non-profit project that engages artists and ordinary people into a dialogue, co-creation, and interdisciplinary collaborations by means of art.
Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, www.floatingeka.com
December 2020
1. Empower Moldova Nonprofit Organization. Helping families with children and people, who are going through an acute material crisis, to improve their conditions and quality of life. Mission – to empower the people of Moldova.

2. Precious Plastic Georgia. Сollect plastic waste in Georgia and make it precious. Mission – to tackle plastic pollution. The collection is run by a group of people, not a corporation or the government. Give plastic a new life, transforming it into raw material or products. Besides, their goal is to inform and educate society on plastic pollution and how to solve this global problem.
Instagram, Facebook, Youtube
October 2020
1. Latin American HIV Journalism Network
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

2. Invisible City
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, invisiblecity.eu

3. Vivito y Puebleando

4. Global Center for Impact
Facebook, www.impactcomms.org
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