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How do I set up my HTTPS / SSL certificate?

How do I set up my HTTPS / SSL certificate?

Go to the website of your domain registrar (such as GoDaddy or In the Control panel find Zone management menu.

  • A record for the root domain, or "@", must point to
  • A record for "www" must point to

Once the domain name records in the DNS zone were modified, it can take up to 24 hours for the updates to propagate across the Internet.

24 hours later, after changing the IP address for the domain, you can generate your SSL certificate.

  • Go to Site settings → SEO → HTTPS → Switch ON
  • Wait for 5-30 minutes. The certificate has been connected. Your website now opens with HTTPS.
  • Set up a redirect from HTTP to HTTPS in Site Settings → SEO.
  • Enable the "Use of the HTTPS protocol in robots.txt..." in Site settings → SEO → Define the default website address in meta-file

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