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Yandex.Metrica's Webvisor is not working. How can I fix it?

Yandex.Metrica's Webvisor records users' actions on your site and plays them back to you as a video. Webvisor is enabled by default if the Yandex.Metrica counter is set up in Site settings.

If you have enabled the counter and are not seeing any results, it's possible that your browser is blocking Webvisor. Make sure you have access to, * (if the "Loading pages into the player — on behalf of an anonymous user" option is selected in the Webvisor settings, then you need also to have the access to the resource).

Access can be denied by:

  • An antivirus software.
  • A browser extension (Adblock, Ublock, Ghostery).
  • A firewall, or corporate network restrictions.

Add these addresses to the list of the trusted addresses and check if a problem persists.

If the issue is still there, try to open the page in a "clean" browser that is free from any plugins such as ad blockers or anti-virus add-ons.

If the issue persists, please contact the Yandex customer support, as from Tilda's side everything is installed correctly.

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