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How do I add tabs and switch between blocks?

Tabs allow you to show several categories of the same type of content such as portfolio examples.

To create tabs, add a block ME602 or ME603 from the "Menu" section. Use these blocks to create tabs. In tabs, content is shown within the same page. Below, add other blocks to illustrate the content of every tab.The sequence will change when a user switches between tabs.

How it works:

  1. Add tab titles in the Content panel of blocks ME602 or ME603.
  2. Add blocks' ID numbers that should be visible when you click the tab (separate them with comma, do not use space).
  3. To find the ID number of a block, open the Settings panel and scroll down to the bottom.

Learn more about creating tabs:

Note. It is not possible to add more than 5 menu items in a navigation bar.

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