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How do I add a second-level (dropdown) menu?

How do I add a second-level (dropdown) menu?

To create a second-level menu, add block ME301 (or any other main menu) on the page, set up the menu, then add block ME601 (Menu: second level).

Block ME601 allows you to add subsections to the main menu items. They will open as a dropdown menu on hover. On mobiles, the menu will open on tap. 

Here is how it works: 

1. In block МЕ601 add a link similar to #submenu:more 

2. In the Main menu put a link #submenu:more opposite the item you want to create a submenu for. 

The main menu item itself will not be clickable. If you want to have a link on it, duplicate this item in the dropdown menu.

Note: "#submenu:more" can be any word, for example: #submenu:portfolio or #submenu:aboutus


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