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How To Create a Long Read

We've created a tool that makes the process of creating and publishing long reads simple and easy. You don't need any technical knowledge or special skills to start using Tilda.
Good design
Each design block is good as it is but at the same time you can change individual designs thanks to special settings.
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Online Publishing: New Standards
Where storytelling began. An article about an avalanche that received 80 000 likes
At the end of 2012, on the wave of iPad's popularity, editorial teams began to rethink the future of the readers' experience.
Many newsrooms were experimenting with new formats designed for the iPad. The most successful of them was an interactive story called Snowfall from The New York Times.
Snowfall by The New York Times
By combining infographics and animations with text, NYT has created a new standard for content presentation. It turns facts into a story, gives it character and emotions. Nobody will remain indifferent.
Great examples of visual storytelling
Creating a long read is simple. Try Tilda to find out for yourself
Troubleshooting Content
At first, online texts were published similar to a print magazine: Text was placed on the page, cut into paragraphs, and supplemented by several photos. When editorial offices realized that nobody had the time to work their way through long unedited texts, they switched to small news items.
Instead of processing all incoming information, we've learned to read selectively

As social networks appeared in our lives, information noise around us has increased to such as extent that we had to learn how to filter the incoming information.

The way we read has changed a lot but we still want to read.

Today's journalism has new standards united under the umbrella called Visual Storytelling.
Contrary to popular belief that short information shots are the format of the future, long reads are steadily gaining new readers.
There are several reasons for this:

1. Full immersion into the subject matter
Well-designed, meaningful content always has value. Research confirms that 2 000-word articles are 1.5 times more popular than short ones.
2. The skimming principle (selective reading)
When skimming a page, we pay attention to images and captions, and visual storytelling was made just for that. When visual accents are arranged in the best way, this allows the reader to absorb information quickly and easily.
3. Emphasis
People like to share content if it touched them in some way. A good article not only uncovers the topic but gives it emotional coloring so that the reader wants to be involved in it and share it with others. This is a way for the readers to express themselves.
4. Multi-sensory experience
Storytelling allows you to not only learn something but experience it yourself: Video, audio, typography, and animation create an atmosphere and allow you to receive a fully immersive experience by reading a story.
Tilda has a number of wonderful templates for professional editorial content. Find the one that best suits your needs and start publishing content today.
Why Choose Tilda?
Tilda is an advanced platform with a wide variety of advanced features that make publishing your content faster and easier
Simple to edit
It will take you a minute to make any changes: You don't need to wait for an admin, simply update your content in the online ediotor. The updated page will be instantly synchronized via FTP.
No need for integration
Tilda doesn't require integration with CMS. When you create an article, upload the content to your website using FTP or download it as a ZIP file. No need to worry about the safety of your files. This means you are not chained to Tilda for life.
Adaptive design
Our blocks are designed to look good across all devices. Create an article on your desktop, and it will look just as good on iPads and smartphones.
It is easy to adapt Tilda to suit your style. It supports Adobe Fonts, Google Fonts, and you can also upload custom fonts. We follow the trends so you can stay on the edge of the modern web design.
Usually, designing a great article requires many specialists. It takes a lot of time, and the project becomes too expensive and consumes too many resources.
With Tilda, editors do not need professional designers to help them design an article. All our templates are ready-made. Simply choose the one you need and add content.
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