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How do I set up HTTPS / SSL for a subdomain in Tilda?

To set up the HTTPS protocol for a subdomain assigned to Tilda, add (or change) the settings of DNS records (not NS servers) in your account on your registrar's website:

  • Type A record, with the "@" value which would point to the IP address:
  • Type A record for "www" subdomain which would point to the IP address:

Note. There should be no more than one type A record for "@" and one for "www".

Once it's done, you may need to wait for up to 24 hours for the DNS records to be updated (depends on the registrar) and connect HTTPS in Site settings → SEO → HTTPS Settings. Click the switch button. HTTPS will connect automatically.

Note. It is quite common if a subdomain points to Tilda while a root domain remains connected elsewhere.

To set up an SSL certificate for a subdomain assigned to Tilda, go to the website of your domain registrar (such as GoDaddy or In the Control panel find Zone management menu and modify A records of a subdomain.

  • Modify A record of a subdomain
  • Modify the "www" subdomain settings. Change the IP address of an A record for "www" to
  • Go back to Tilda. Go to Site settings → SEO → HTTPS → Switch ON. Wait for 5-30 minutes. The certificate has been connected. Your website now opens with HTTPS.
  • Set up a redirect from HTTP to HTTPS in Site Settings → SEO.
  • Check the "Use of the HTTPS protocol in robots.txt..."

Learn more about HTTPS:

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