Basics of online promotion and social media
This online course will introduce you to the foundations of social media marketing. It will equip you with all the necessary tools and knowledge to take your business to the next level.
The course is divided into modules consisting of video lectures.

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Who will benefit from this course
The course will help you master a popular profession, learn how to interact with your audience, set goals, and create strategies.
Business owners
The course will help you expand your understanding of your brand development, explore your target audience, and interact with your team.
Content creators
You will raise the quality of your content to a new level, learn how to use and combine the most modern tools for content promotion.
What you will learn
You will learn how to develop and maintain a content plan.
You will learn how to identify and interact with your audience.
You will learn how to find creative solutions for content promotion.
You will learn how to distribute tasks to your team like a pro.
You will learn modern tools for content promotion.
You will learn how to build a community around products.
You'll learn how to develop social marketing strategy.
You will learn how to manage your loyal audience.
Course program
The program is designed for self-study at a time that suits your lifestyle. Your tutor will be in touch with you to check your progress and provide feedback. A group chat will be set up for the course participants.
Module 1. Analysis and strategy
The distinction between "strategic" and "managerial" marketing is used to distinguish "two stages that have different goals and are based on different conceptual tools. Strategic marketing refers to the choice of policies aimed at improving a firm's competitive position, taking into account the challenges and opportunities offered by the competitive environment. On the other hand, management marketing is focused on the implementation of specific goals."
Module 2. Generating ideas and solutions
The ideas of co-marketing are the beginning of the end of the era of traditional marketing ("vertical marketing") and contribute to the development of a new era in this field, which is called lateral marketing, and thus lateral thinking. The lateral type of marketing differs from the vertical type of marketing in its principal focus on the production of goods, regardless of the situation in existing markets. In this case, manufacturers are focused on several different markets.
Module 3. The basics of graphic design
Прагматика графического дизайна определяет его технико-коммуникационные разновидности: корпоративно-рекламный дизайн (рекламу, логотипы и брендинг, упаковку продукции, "наружную рекламу"), редакционно-издательский дизайн (оформление книг, журналы, газеты, буклеты, флаеры).
Module 4. Text marketing
The pragmatics of graphic design defines its technical and communication varieties: corporate advertising design (advertising, logos and branding, product packaging, "outdoor advertising"), editorial and publishing design (design of books, magazines, Newspapers, booklets, flyers).
Module 5. How to work with a product team
Formation and development of team skills, which are the basis for the implementation of team management. This can include the following skills:
  • harmonising the overall goal with personal goals;
  • taking responsibility for the team's results;
  • situational leadership (leadership for the task) and flexible change of style in accordance with the specifics of the task;
  • constructive interaction and self-government;
  • making a single team decision and coordinating it with team members.
Course tutors
Penelope Merger
Founder and art director at LMao
Ivan Panteleev
Marketer at DD agency
Gregory Willson
Data scientist at WON
Michael Barbeau
Marketer in Close Connection
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Communication and feedback. Discuss your homework with peers and receive feedback from your tutor.
Graduation. Submit your final paper and receive the course certificate.
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