Online real-time training programs
Improve yourself without leaving home
About our training programs
Programs are created for different levels of physical fitness and include more than 15 areas of fitness. Duration of each class varies from 15 to 60 minutes. All workouts don't require additional equipment.
The schedule of upcoming classes
All classes are selected considering home conditions and various loads
june 22, 7 pm
Stretching with Julia Black
Improving flexibility and posture, relaxing muscles and striving to a twine
june 23, 8.30 am
Peppy morning with Alex Smith
Getting charged and energized for the whole day
june 24, 8 pm
Strength training with Bob Man
Strengthen the main muscle groups. You will need dumbbells or bottles of water for this workout
june 25, 8 pm
Sport dancing with Alya Kireeva
Warming up and engage all muscle groups with the help of dynamic dances
june 26, 9 am
Morning stretching with Julia Black
Improving flexibility and posture, relaxing muscles and striving to a twine
june 27, 7 pm
Strength training with Peter Yanovsky
Strengthen the main muscle groups with emphasis on the abs and legs
Why you should train with us
Stay fit with minimal time and budget spent
Online training
Classes are held in real-time live format. No pre-recorded videos
Time saving
You don't waste time going to the gym and waiting in line in the locker room
Getting a feedback
Trainer controls the correct execution of all exercises via video connection
Being in any location
You can be located anywhere, you need only the access to the Internet
What do you need to start classes
Stable Internet access
You can connect to an online training from any device: smartphone, laptop or
2 by 2 meter space
The minimum space in which you can put a laptop or smartphone at a distance of 1.5–2 meters from you.
Minimal inventory (optional)
This is great if there are an exercise mat and dumbbells. If not, replace them with a blanket or a carpet and bottles with water.
Choose your subscription
Try the first lesson for free and choose a convenient subscription
One week
Unlimited class attendance
25 $
To buy
One month
Unlimited class attendance
50 $
To buy
Start your way to a fit body and good health right now
Our trainers
Certified fitness trainers will ensure safe and effective workouts
Jane Polsky
Strength and general training
Rudo Bikilu
Strength and functional training
Kristine Smith
Stretching and yoga
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Phone: +1 123 456 78 90
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