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Troubleshooting custom domain errors

If you did everything according to this guide but the domain is still not working:

  • Refresh your web page several times. Browsers (especially Google Chrome) store old versions of the page in the browser cache, so your domain may be connected correctly but the changes are not visible. Learn more on how to publish a web page:
  • Make sure that you have added the correct domain in Site settings, saved those settings and published all pages.
  • Make sure that you have only one A record and it points to
  • If you type a link starting with "www" into a browser address bar (e.g., make sure that you have created an A record for "www" host and that it points to
  • If you see a warning that your site is unsafe, it means that you haven't configured HTTPS in Site settings. Follow this link to find out How to add HTTPS to a connected domain. If you see a "Website not secure" message from a search engine, uncheck the "Use HTTPS protocol..." in Site settings → SEO.
  • Make sure there are no IP restrictions added for your website. To remove the IP restrictions go to Site settings → Privacy.

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